10 Interesting White Tailed Deer Facts

Saturday, September 14th 2013. | Animals

White tailed deer facts present the information about the smallest member of deer family located in North America. When you explore the forest located in North America, you can find them here. The exact location of the deer is at South American and South Canada.   Here are more facts to know about the white tailed deer:

White Tailed Deer Facts 1: Winter Time

When the winter comes, the white tailed deer have to find shelter which can keep their body warm. They will stay in the forest and find coniferous stand to use as the shelter.

White Tailed Deer Facts 2: Summer Season

When the summer season comes, it seems that the white tailed deer is so happy. They use the shelter for the coniferous forest and broad leaves in the forest. They can be found in meadows and fields.

White Tailed Deer Buck

White Tailed Deer Buck

White Tailed Deer Facts 3: Coat of Body

The body coat of white tailed deer is differed based on the season. During the winter time, they have a dull grayish brown coat. In the summer season, the coat comes in reddish brown color. Another animal living in forest is seen in spider monkey facts.

White Tailed Deer Facts 4: Male Deer

Buck is called as the male deer. You can recognize the male deer by looking at a set for antlers. They will grow each year. In the winter, the antlers will fall off.  They have sharp point.

Two White Tailed Deer

Two White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer Facts 5: Mating Season

The mating season occurs by fighting the territory in the forest. The bucks will use their antlers to fight again other bucks to get the female deer.

White Tailed Deer Facts 6: Food

White tailed deer is included as an herbivorous animal. They like to eat nuts, fruits, twigs, leaves, alfalfa, grass, fungi and lichens. They will search for food when the dusk comes. This animal is included as a nocturnal animal.

White Tailed Deer Facts

White Tailed Deer Facts

White Tailed Deer Facts 7: Female Deer

Does are used to call the female diet. In a time, the female deer can give birth to 3 babies. The gestation period lasts for about seven months.  The breeding time occurs in May or June.

White Tailed Deer Facts 8: Young Deer

You can call the young deer as fawns. The animals can blend in the forest because the body is covered in reddish brown coat and white spots.

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer Facts 9: Predators

The main predators for white tail deer are the mountains lion, coyotes, or bobcats. The young deer have to run away from the predator by sprinting in the speed of 30 miles per hours.

White Tailed Deer Facts 10: Life Span

The white tailed deer can only live for about 6 to 14 years. Look at rainforest facts to know its habitat.

White Tailed Deer Fact

White Tailed Deer Fact

In average, the white tailed deer have the size around 1.8 to 2.4 miles. The weight of this animal can reach 110 to 300 lbs. The name for this animal is gained from the white color underside the tail.  When the deer feels threatened it will be displayed. Do you have any comment on facts about white tailed deer?

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