10 Interesting Moth Facts

Sunday, August 10th 2014. | Animals

Moth Facts present the interesting information about the drab brown insects that you can find sticking on the door screen. Many people believe that this insect is ugly and horrible. But actually it gives you a lot of benefits. It can feed the bats, birds and pollinate plants.

Moth Facts 1: various kinds of moth

You can find many kinds of moth in the world. They can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. In United States, you can find 11,000 species of moths.

Moth Facts 2: size of moth

As I have stated before, moth has different sizes. It can be bigger than a songbird or even smaller than a pencil tip. The largest moth is Atlas moth. The animal can be found in Southeast Asia. It has the wingspans around 300 cm or 1 foot.

Moth Facts

Moth Facts

Moth Facts 3: The Royal Walnut Moth

One of the biggest moths in North American species has the wingspans around 11 cm or 4.5 inches.

Moth Facts 4: ability

Moth has a unique ability. Do you know that it can mimic the other animals? They will evolve look like other insects such as praying mantis, tarantulas and wasps to avoid the predators. Get facts about praying mantis here.

Moth Green

Moth Green

Moth Facts 5: pollinators

Moth is very important to ecosystem because it is functioned as a pollinator. The nocturnal moth will be easy to find the flowers which have bright colors and fragrance such as yucca plants.

Moth Facts 6: polluting activity during the day

Some moths are pollinating the flowers during the day. They often sip nectar from the verbena, bee balm and honeysuckle.

Moth Photo

Moth Photo

Moth Facts 7: adult moth

It is a unique fact to know that adult moths do not eat.  The moth which does not even have a mouth is Luna moth. It only lives for a week after emerging from its cocoon. The life mission of Luna moth is just to mate and lays eggs.

Moth Facts 8: male and female moth

Moth has great ability to smell even though they have lack of noses. The female moth can be detected by the male moth even though it is located 7 miles away.

Moth Pics

Moth Pics

Moth Facts 9: the important food

Do you know that moth is the important food for many animals in the world?  The animals are valuable in the food chain. It is the food for birds, caterpillars, bats and many more.

Moth Facts 10: the superfood

In some parts of the world, human being eats moth as the super food.



The people live in some African countries like to eat butterflies caterpillar and moths. Are you interested reading facts about moth?

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