10 Interesting Gopher Facts

Thursday, February 27th 2014. | Animals

Gopher facts are collections of trivia related to this person. Well, more and more people have interest to know better about Gopher. Therefore, you can learn better about the animal by reading the facts I provide below. Just read more about it here indeed.

Gopher Facts 1: diet

First basic fact that people need to know about Gopher is the diet. This animal eats many vegetarians food actually. It may include plants, grass, shrubs, trees, and also roots. You can gather further info about any alternative about the diet from the internet.

Gopher Facts 2:  habitat

Next fact is about the habitat. It is true that gophers have certain habitat such as complex underground tunnel systems. The way they build the habitat is by using their long teeth and also front legs to push the dirt and also onto grass above.

Gopher Cute

Gopher Cute

Gopher Facts 3:  breeding

If it is about the breeding, gophers have annual breeding season. Yet, it should be depended on local conditions and also the species. There are also the ones which can repeatedly breed through the year. The common litter usually consists of 2 up to 5 young.

Gopher Facts 4: the impacts

People often suffer problem from such animal. It can ruin the lawns, destroying gardens, and also killing trees. Yet, there are also good impacts of such animal to environment. It is to increase the soil fertility. Such animal can help to speed up the formation of new soil.

Gopher facts

Gopher facts

Gopher Facts 5: prevention of impact

There is much prevention to avoid the impacts of such animal. The most common prevention is by taking benefit from fence to become the garden protection.

Gopher Facts 6:  Geomyidae family

This animal is the burrowing rodents. It belongs to the family Geomyidae. If you conduct review out there, it was about 35 species of gopher living within North and Central America.

Gopher Image

Gopher Image

Gopher Facts 7: endemic

This becomes endemic as well in North America and also Central America. Gopher is very well known for their extensive tunneling activities. It becomes many people’s problem indeed.

Gopher Facts 8:  description

Gopher has the weight around 230 g. The size of such animal is about 38 cm. The tail length is 18 cm. It is a fact that the male species is larger than females. It can double related to the weight actually.

Gopher Pic

Gopher Pic

Gopher Facts 9: lifespan

This animal has the lifespan for approximately 3 years as long as there are no predators or diseases. There is also maximum lifespan of such animal which is up to 5 years.

Gopher Facts 10: tunnel systems

The main purpose why this animal builds the network tunnel systems is to gain protection and the need to collect food.



You can get further facts about Gopher from any different source indeed. The information will be useful for those who want to make Gopher as pet or to breed it only. So, just pay more attention to get further info about it.

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