10 Interesting the Angler Fish Facts

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One of the bony fish is explained on the Angler fish facts. The fish gets this name due to their mode of predation. The head of the fish features a fleshy growth. It is used as a lure by the fish. Talking about the body size of angler fish, the females usually are bigger than the males. The people recognize the angler fish because of the extreme sexual dimorphism. Moreover, the male anglerfish also perform the sexual parasitism. Here are some interesting facts about angler fish to note:

The Angler Fish Facts 1: where can you find angler fish?

Angler fish can be spotted in various areas in the world. Some of them can be seen living in the deep ocean. Angler fish can be included as benthic or pelagic. The angler fish which can be found on the continent shelf include goosefish Lophiidae and frogfishes Antennariidae.

The Angler Fish Facts 2: the differences between the benthic and pelagic angler fish

The body of benthic and pelagic angler fish is different. The former one has large upward pointing mouth with dorsoventrally depressed or compressed body. On the other hand, the pelagic angler fish has the laterally compressed body.

The Angler Fish Facts

The Angler Fish Facts

The Angler Fish Facts 3: the Lophiidae

The Lophiidae is one of the popular families of angler fish.  This family is in high demand in the fisheries in East Asia, Africa, north-western Europe and eastern North America.

The Angler Fish Facts 4: cooking

In North America and Europe, the people often cook the tail meat of fish in the genus Lophius. In North America, people call it goosefish or monkfish.

The Angler Fish Image

The Angler Fish Image

The Angler Fish Facts 5: a delicacy

The monkfish liver is called ankimo in Asia. The people who live in Japan and Korea consider it as a delicacy.

The Angler Fish Facts 6: the habitats

Most angler fish can be found dwelling at the deep sea areas. Therefore, the ecologists have to work hard to observe and study more about the angler fish.

The Angler Fish Pic

The Angler Fish Pic

The Angler Fish Facts 7: the environment

Most angler fish live in the environment with less water. Therefore, they have to converse the energy of the body. The fish often uses the lie and wait strategy when they hunt the prey. Check goldfish facts here.

The Angler Fish Facts 8: swimming

When the angler fish swim, they only take 2 percent energy. The animals remain lethargic even though they are foraging and hunting.

The Angler Fish Picture

The Angler Fish Picture

The Angler Fish Facts 9: the observation of angler fish

The angler fish often conducts the rapid swimming in a video observation.

The Angler Fish Facts 10: the avoidance behavior

During the video footage, the people can see that most angler fish have avoidance behavior. Find facts about swordfish here.

Deep sea Angler fish

Deep sea Angler fish

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