10 Interesting Fly Facts

Sunday, January 26th 2014. | Animals

Fly facts are considered to be important to learn about. Flies can be troublesome in your home. Facts about fly may make people even wonder about this animal. To learn better, let’s discuss further here actually.

Fly Facts 1: global flies

You may recognize that flies have accompanied mankind. Even they are there in all 7 continents. The bad part is that fly can transmits any deadly diseases. Some of them are dysentery, yaws, cholera, leprosy, tuberculosis, and many others. There are people who die because of those diseases.

Fly Facts 2: the born

A fly has a short lifetime. They only live for 30 days. Yet, a female fly can lay around 400 up to 600 eggs. The eggs later become larvae. They next eat soil having the nutrients and grow into adults within few days only.



Fly Facts 3: eye facet

The unique characteristic of flies is their facet. They have around 4,000 facets in each of the eye. The function is to enhance their sights. Any flies have this characteristic indeed.

Fly Facts 4: the senses

Fact is that flies are more attracted by movement compared to color. If it is about the smelling distance, they can smell up to 750 yards.

Fly Animal

Fly Animal

Fly Facts 5: breeding and feeding

Flies have feeding range of 2 miles. It is their limit. In the aspect of breeding, a single garbage can which is not emptied can become the breeding ground for approximately 30,000 flies. Especially in warm weather, a single fly can produce a generation of family in less than 2 weeks.

Fly Facts 6: house fly

A common species of fly is the house fly. It has the scientific name such as Musca Domestica. This species is global. It is also considered as pest for the house.

Fly facts

Fly facts

Fly Facts 7: stable fly

There is also stable fly. It is well known as well as the dog fly. The terrible thing is that it sucks blood. Usually, this species may suck animals’ blood. Yet, they often bite human as well.

Fly Facts 8:  flesh fly

Next species of fly is the flesh fly. It is the scavenger species of fly which commonly feed on any scraps of meat. They also love carcasses of dead animal.

Fly Types

Fly Types

Fly Facts 9: blowflies

The rare species is the blowflies and also bottle flies. Yet, you can find those flies around urban areas.

Fly Facts 10: overall species

If you conduct further review, there are approximately around 120,000 species all over the world.



The facts about Fly are interesting right? There are many things you don’t know about flies I think.

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