10 Interesting Leopard Gecko Facts

Wednesday, June 11th 2014. | Animals

Leopard Gecko facts give you the information about the unique animal which comes in a lot of sizes and colors. This animal is cute for it can blink when it sleeps. The shape of the body reminds us with lizards. If you want to know the detail facts about Leopard Gecko, read the following post below:

Leopard Gecko Facts 1: voice

Most leopard geckos can produce sound or voice.  Each of them has a small bark when they feel nervous and disturbed. When the animal sleeps, it can blind and close the eyes.

Leopard Gecko Facts 2: Lizard

Leopard Gecko is a kind of lizard.  When a predator grabs the tail of leopard gecko, it can come off.  Therefore, the animal can escape easily by releasing its tail. However, the tail is very functional. It is used to store fat just in case that the food is scarce. Check Gecko facts in detail.

Leopard Gecko Care

Leopard Gecko Care

Leopard Gecko Facts 3: nocturnal animal

Leopard Gecko is a nocturnal animal. It means that this animal is very active at night. It will hunt for food in the dark night. During the day, the animal sleeps.

Leopard Gecko Facts 4: incubation temperature

Incubation temperature determines the sex of leopard gecko. If the incubation temperature is around 80 degree F, the eggs will hatch in female leopard gecko. If the temperature is around 90 degree F, the eggs will hatch into male leopard gecko.

Leopard Gecko Cute

Leopard Gecko Cute

Leopard Gecko Facts 5: shaking the tail

One of the unique behaviors of Leopard Gecko can be seen on the habit of shaking the tail. This animal will do it repeatedly when it defenses the territory, mates and hunts for food.

Leopard Gecko Facts 6: Eublepharis Macularius

Eublepharis Macularius is the Latin name of Leopard gecko. The meaning of the name is well made eyelid and spotted. It seems that the animal is named after the characteristics of the body.

Leopard Gecko Facts

Leopard Gecko Facts

Leopard Gecko Facts 7: food

The favorite food of leopard Gecko includes scorpions, lizards and insects.

Leopard Gecko Facts 8: habitat

You can find that leopard gecko can be found in Pakistan or even India. Most of them live in the desert. This animal is popular as a pet because of the moveable eyelids.

Leopard Gecko Pic

Leopard Gecko Pic

Leopard Gecko Facts 9: big leopard gecko

Among all geckos, the leopard gecko is considered as the biggest one. When the egg hatches, it has the weight of 3 grams. The length is around 6.5 m to 8.4 m. The adult has the weight around 45 to 65 grams.

Leopard Gecko Facts 10: physical appearance

The wild leopard gecko has dull, dark and drab colors. If you choose the one in captivity as a pet, you are served with different skin colors. It is usually is bright and colorful.

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

The skin of Leopard Gecko is very durable. It protects the animal from the heat of sunlight in the desert. Are you interested with facts about leopard gecko?

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