10 Interesting Eagle Facts

Tuesday, July 9th 2013. | Animals

Eagle facts present the fascinating information about the powerful animal in the world. People use eagle as a symbol of freedom, transcendence and power. There are many types of eagles that you can see in the world because it has 60 species. If you are interested to know the detail about the living animal, see the facts bellow:

Eagle Facts 1: Large Animals

Eagles are included as a bird. The animals are totally different from the rest of the birds because they have big and wide appearance. The beak and head are so heavy with power and strength.

Eagle Facts 2: eye of eagles

Compared to human being eagles have more wonderful sight. The birds can view five basic colors, while human can only identify three basic colors. Their eyes are equipped with a million light sensitive cells.  When you see the eyes of easier, you know that they look different with and lager pupils.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Eagle Facts 3: hunting time

It will be hard from the prey to camouflage eagles case the animals have a very good sight. This animal has a very sharp sight which can see the prey from a very long distance.  A rabbit located two mails away from eagles can be spotted easily.

Eagle Facts 4: eagle’s species

There are only two eggs laid by the eagles. When the big one hatched, it will kill the younger one. The adult eagles will never interfere the situation.

Eagle Facts

Eagle Facts

Eagle Facts 5: Golden Eagles

Golden Eagles living in Greece have unique behavior. The animal likes to eat turtle. Since turtles are equipped it hard shell, the animal will drop the true in order to open the shell.

Eagle Facts 6: Philippine Eagle

Some big eagles to note include the Philippine eagles and harpy eagles. Both animals are wide and big because they can spread the wings up to 2.5 meter. They can kill bigger preys like monkey and deer.

Eagle Flies

Eagle Flies

Eagle Facts 7: Vegetarian Eagles

You are wrong if you think that all eagles in the world are carnivorous animals. The African Vulturine Fish Eagles like to eat oil palm fruits.

Eagle Facts 8: High-Soaring Eagles

Eagles are associated with religious belief in some countries. When people hear the high soaring eagles, it is believed they touch the face of God.

Eagle's Wing Span

Eagle’s Wing Span

Eagle Facts 9: Life Span

Eagles can live longer. The life span of the animal is around 35 years old.

Eagle Facts 10: Weight and Size

The size and weight of eagles are various depending on the type of eagles. Steller’s Sea Eagle has the weight around 67 kg with 100 cm. The South nicobar serpent eagle is 500 gram with 40 cm length.

Strong Eagle

Strong Eagle

The birds can be seen lived in various habitats. Some of them live in trees, while others live in water. You can see them spreading around Antarctica to Now Zealand. The animals like to eat the small mammals, reptiles, small birds and fish. The bald eagles live in water. Do you like reading facts about eagles?

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