10 Interesting Barn Owl Facts

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By reading the barn owl facts, you will get the information about the bird that can be found not only in North America but also in other continents. However, you should never expect to see the barn owls living in Antarctica. This bird is considered as the widely distributed species of owl in the world. You can get more facts by reading the post below:

Barn Owl Facts 1: Cold Winter

The cold winter is the season that a barn owl always hates. The animal can be seen living in the tropical areas. If you want to see the abundant barn owls living in a certain area, you can go to Scotland. Most bar owls can be seen in Northern Hemisphere.

Barn Owl Facts 2: Diet

It is estimated that a barn owl can eat up to 100 mice. The main diet of the birds includes shrews, voles and mice. Some of them also catch the fish from the lake and pond. They will do anything to stay survive.

Barn Owl Fact

Barn Owl Fact

Barn Owl Facts 3: Snow

When the snowy season comes, it makes the barn owls suffer. They are unable to get food because of the cold season. Many of them are starving.

Barn Owl Facts 4: Monogamous Pairs

Generally born owls only perform monogamy. In some occasions, we can see that a male barn owl with two female bar owls. The female barn owls lay the eggs to produce more barn owls. The number of eggs that they can put based on the supply of food.

Barn Owl Facts

Barn Owl Facts

Barn Owl Facts 5: Nest Of Bar Owl

The nest of barn owls usually is made from a tree. Sometimes the bird also has a barn. The space in the quarries or rocking area can be the barn owls’ nest too.

Barn Owl Facts 6: Barn Owls in England

The bar owls living in eastern England are totally unique. They like living in a tree rather than in a barn. Anotehr species is seen on great horned facts.

Barn Owl in Britain

Barn Owl in Britain

Barn Owl Facts 7: Clutch Size

There are various types of clutch size by barn owls. Normally the female barn owls can deliver 4 to 7 eggs. However, with the great supply of food, the female bar owls can deliver up to 14 eggs to go.

Barn Owl Facts 8: Nest Boxes

To prevent the extinction of bar owls, people can set nest boxes. This nest is perfect to increase the population of the birds. The number of breeding pair is enhanced rapidly.

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Barn Owl Facts 9: Chicks

The first flight of the chicks is around 55 days. It will take two months for the barn owls to be independent. They will never the help of the parents any more.

Barn Owl Facts 10: British Barn Owls

The white breast is seen on the British bar owl. If you want to look at the dark yellow orange breast, you need to know the bar owls located in Eastern Europe or Central Europe.

Barn Owls

Barn Owls

The eastern Britain is always occupied by the dark breasted continental birds. If you want to know the largest barn owls living in the area, you can see the British barn owls. Do you have any question on facts about barn owl?

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