10 Interesting New Caledonia Facts

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New Caledonia Facts present a brief overview about one of the interesting countries in the world. The people who live in the country are around 25,000 people. Do you know New Caledonia is included as a part of collectivity of France? Here are facts about New Caledonia:

New Caledonia Facts 1: the capital city

The capital city of New Caledonia is located in Noumea. It is also considered as the largest city in the country. There were 100,000 people living in the city.

New Caledonia Facts 2: location

New Caledonia is located 750 miles or 1,210 km on the east side of Australia.  The northern area of the country is Vanuatu. New Caledonia is included in Melanesia region in Oceania.

New Caledonia Beaches

New Caledonia Beaches

New Caledonia Facts 3: languages

There are many kinds of languages used by the local people communicate. Those include French, English, Xaracuu, Nengone, Drehu, Ajie and Paici. Actually there are 30 other types of languages spoken by the local people.

New Caledonia Facts 4: the mainland

If you decide to go to New Caledonia, you need to reach the mainland. You can find the highest peak in the country in Mont Panie. It has the elevation at 1,629 meter or 5,344 feet. If you go to the western cost, you can find agricultural area. The easier side is filled with mountainous areas.

New Caledonia Map

New Caledonia Map

New Caledonia Facts 5: a unique animal

The unique animal from New Caledonia is New Caledonian crow. Compared to other primates, these animals are known for making tools.

New Caledonia Facts 6: export

The main export of New Caledonia is nickel. Do you know that the country has 25 percent of nickel reserves in the world?  When you come here, you have to use CFP Franc as the currency.

New Caledonia Maps

New Caledonia Maps

New Caledonia Facts 7: one of the largest lagoons

One of the largest lagoons in the world is located in New Caledonia. It has the length of 24,000 square km.

New Caledonia Facts 8: the Cyathea Intermedia

You can find the Cyathea Intermedia in New Caledonia. It is the home to the largest species of fern in the world. The fern looks like a palm tree.

New Caledonia Pictures

New Caledonia Pictures

New Caledonia Facts 9: tourists

New Caledonia is popular among the foreign tourists in the world. Each year, there are 100,000 people traveling to the beaches in New Caledonia. Most of them come from New Zealand and Australia. Get facts about New Zealand here.

New Caledonia Facts 10: Amedee Island

Amedee Island is the home to the famous French lighthouse. The lighthouse actually was not intended to be sent to the island. It was shipped there by mistake.

New Caledonia Travel

New Caledonia Travel

In 1984, New Caledonia faced the civil uprising. The election in that year was boycotted by the Kanaks because they did not want to be treated as a minority group in the country. Do you want to give suggestion on facts about New Caledonia?

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