10 Interesting Zambia Facts

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Why don’t you look at Zambia Facts to know the landlocked country in Southern Africa? The official name is Republic of Zambia.  It shares border with other countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe, Democrative Republic of the Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, and Botswana. Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. The concentration of population is spotted in Copperbelt province for the northwest part and Lusaka for the southern part. Here are the complete facts to notice about Zambia.

Zambia Facts 1: the native people

The Khoisan people were the native people who settled in Zambia. In 13th century, Zambia was included in a part of Bantu expansion.

Zambia Facts 2: British protectorate

It earned the status as a British protectorate after it was visited by the Europeans in 18th century. The government of Zambia was administered from London during the colonial period.

Facts about Zambia

Facts about Zambia

Zambia Facts 3: an independent country

Zambia was independent from UK on October 24th, 1974. Kenneth Kaunda was inaugurated as the president of Zambia. In 1964 until 1991, UNIP or United National Independence Party became the dominant party in the country. Get facts about Vanuatu here.

Zambia Facts 4: one-party state

Zambia became a state with one party under UNIP in 1972 until 1991. The motto of the country at that time was “One Zambia, One Nation”.

Zambia Expansion

Zambia Expansion

Zambia Facts 5: Frdederick Chiluba

Frederick Chiluba was the successor of Kaunda. He became the president of Zambia in 1991. Levy Mwanawasa ruled Zambia in January 2002 until August 2008. He was appointed by Chiluba as his successor. Rupiah Banda became an Acting President for the country after the death of Mwanawasa. In 2008, he became the president.

Zambia Facts 6: Michael Sata

Michael Sata was the winner for 2011 elections. He was the opponent of Banda during the election. On October 28th, 2014, Sata died in the office. Edgar Lungu became the next president after he won the election.

Zambia Facts

Zambia Facts

Zambia Facts 7: provinces

Zambia has 10 provinces. They include West Zambia, East Zambia, Central Zambia, Muchinga, Copperbelt, and others. Find facts about Zaire here.

Zambia Facts 8: geography

Zambia is filled with high plateaus, mountains and hills. It covers the area of 290,586 square miles or 752,614 km square.

Zambia Image

Zambia Image

Zambia Facts 9: the river basins

The two primary river basins located within Zambia are the Congo basin and Zambezi/Kafue basin.

Zambia Facts 10: climate

It has tropical climate and two seasons. The latter ones include dry and rainy seasons.



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