10 Interesting Russian Facts

Monday, June 24th 2013. | Countries

To know more about the history and interesting place in many countries in the world, you can start by reading about Russian facts. Russia is well known with its red square. Even though the name is red square, actually it is not red or even square. Red square actually has the meaning beautiful plaza. Let’s see the facts about Russia in details:

Russian Facts 1: Liquor

Liquor like wine and vodka is not only famous in Europe but also in Russia. It was introduced to Russian people in 1448. The most expensive white wine 1819 from Russia was auctioned in the price of 2900 GBP.

Russian Facts 2: Kremlin Walls

If you visit Red Square, you need to see Kremlin Wall. The height of the wall is up to 2235 meters. Russia was involved in WW II. For more info, read World War II Facts.

Russian Facts

Russian Facts

Russian Facts 3: Moscow River

The Moscow River flows to the city of Moscow. The length is about 65 kilometers.

Russian Facts 4: Flood

Just like any other countries in the world, flood can occur everywhere including in Moscow. It was 1908 when the biggest floor in the country happened. The water reached the height up to 9 meter. It drowned more 1600 hectares of land in the country.

Russia in Winter

Russia in Winter

Russian Facts 5: Trans-Siberian Railway

The longest railway in the world is Trans-Siberian Railway. The route from east to west is tiring and long for you need to travel up to 5700 miles or 9200 kilometers. It passed Moscow, European Russia, Asian and Pacific Ocean of Vladivostok.

Russian Facts 6: Orthodox Church

The famous Orthodox Church in Moscow is called “Khram Khrista Spasitelya” Cathedral. It is considered as the tallest one in the world. In 1900s, the church was rebuilt again after closed by Stalin.

map of russia

map of russia

Russian Facts 7: Baikal Lake

If you want to know the deepest lake on Russia, You can visit Baikal Lake. The depth is around 31.5 thousand square kilometers.

Russian Facts 8: Metro

Metro is the world most used subway system in Moscow. More than 9915 trains operate in Metro every day.

St. Basil

St. Basil

Russian Facts 9: McDonald’s Restaurant

If you visit Moscow, you can visit the largest McDonald restaurant in the world.  The restaurant serves you with 700 seats. When it was firstly open in Russia, more than five thousand customers waited to taste it.

Russian Facts 10: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is filled with many important buildings and organizations. If you visit St. Petersburg, you can enjoy 62 cinemas, 45 galleries, 221 museums, and 80 theaters. You can enjoy a wonderful night when going to St.Peterburg.

Firework in Russia

Firework in Russia

There are many places that you can visit in Russia. One of them is the nature of Altai. In this spot, you are served with more than 300 swans.  It also has 820 glaciers and 2000 ducks on the lake. This country is also a home of snow leopard. If you want to know more, check snow leopard facts. You can celebrate New Year in Russia twice. The first New Year is on January 1st, while the second New Year is on 14th January. It is the orthodox New Year based on Gregorian calendar. Do you want to give more information on facts about Russia?

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