10 Interesting Turkey Facts

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Turkey facts present the interesting information about the culture, beautiful place, cities and politics in Turkey. The history in the country should be learned if you want to know the culture and people. In the past, Turkey is considered as one of the biggest and most powerful country. Here are some facts about Turkey:

Turkey Facts 1: Church

The first church ever built by a man is located in Antioch. It was called as St Peter’s Church. The famous Santa Claus or St. Nicholas was brown in the country in the region of Patara. He became a bishop in Demre. It was located in Mediterranean coast in Turkey. Ephesus is the first church for worshipping Virgin Mary.

Turkey Facts 2: Ephesus and Halicarnasus

Ephesus and Halicarnasus are included in the seven wonder of the ancient world. Both are located in Turkey. If you like to learn more about ancient culture, you can come here and scrutinize them.

Turkey Facts

Turkey Facts

Turkey Facts 3: Istanbul

Istanbul is considered as the oldest settlement in the world. You can trace it in the first settlement in 7th millenniums BC. Today Istanbul looks modern. It is the home for the people who like to learn more about historical and cultural heritage. It is built in two continents. Get another info about the country in the world in Russian facts.

Turkey Facts 4: Trojan Wars

Can you remember the famous Trojan wars?  You can see this story made in many movies. The wars were happened in western Turkey.

Turkey Map

Turkey Map

Turkey Facts 5: Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark   landed the ship on the Mount Ararat Located in Eastern Turkey. Noah Ark also affects the culture of Turks. People still serve sour taste or asure and a pudding of sweet as the last meal from Noah Arks.

Turkey Facts 6: Coffee

The people who introduce coffee to Europe for the first time were Turks. The Ottoman Empire in 1500s gives coffee to the Italian people. The delicious coffee becomes famous until this present day not only in Europe and other countries as well.

Turkey Water

Turkey Water

Turkey Facts 7: Hazelnuts

Hazelnut is one of the most important commodities in Turkey. The country can accommodate the 74 percent of hazelnuts for the world consumption. Most hazelnuts are mixed chocolate bar. The land in Turkey is fertile. The hazelnuts can grow well here.

Turkey Facts 8: lake Van

In the eastern part to Turkey, it lays the largest lake in Turkey called as Lake Van. There are many things to note around Lake Van. Some of them include the Cathedral Church of the Holy Cross and a cat called van Kedisi.

Modern Turkey

Modern Turkey

Turkey Facts 9:    Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is famous with his word Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered). The proclamation of the word occurred in Turkey when Pontus could be defeated. If you are interested to learn more about countries in the world, read German facts.

Turkey Facts 10: Mark Anthony and Cleopatra

The love story about Cleopatra and Mark Anthony will last forever. In Turkey there is an island called Cleopatra. Mark Anthony gives an island located in south western of Turkey to his lover.

Places in Turkey

Places in Turkey

The country is file with many legends, cultures and histories. Actually there are many more facts about Turkey that you need to learn, but you can read them on other posts.

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