10 Interesting Lesotho Facts

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Lesotho facts provide the information about the southernmost landlocked country in the world. There is no sea or even ocean which borders Lesotho. This country is also famous as a member of the Commonwealth nation. Let’s find out the detail information about Lesotho below:

Lesotho Facts 1: the capital city of Lesotho

Do you know the capital city of this country? It is Maseru. The city is considered as the largest one here. The next largest city is Maseru district located near South Africa.

Lesotho Facts 2: ethnic groups

The ethnic group that you can find abundant in the country is Sotho. More than 99.7 percent of the people are Sotho. The rest 0.3 percent of the population are European, Asian and others.

Lesotho Facts

Lesotho Facts

Lesotho Facts 3: top cities in Lesotho

There are many top cities with high population in Lesotho. Those are Maseru, Mafeteng, Leribe, Maputsoe, Mohale’s Hoek, Qacha’s Nek and Quthing.

Lesotho Facts 4: languages

There are two kinds of languages that people speak in the country.  They use English and Sesotho to communicate.  People can speak English well because it was occupied by Great Britain in the past. Check Great Britain facts here. If you want to trade in the country, you can use Lesotho loti.

Lesotho Map

Lesotho Map

Lesotho Facts 5: Exports

There are several items that Lesotho exports to other countries in the world. 75 percent of the exports are the footwear, clothing and road vehicles. The rest of them are wood, live animal, food, and mohair. Lesotho imports vehicles, machinery, building materials, food, petroleum products, and medicine from other countries.

Lesotho Facts 6: Parliament

The parliamentary system in Lesotho is in bicameral parliament. It consists of the senate and assembly. The senate gives the people 33 seats. The assembly has 120 seats.

Lesotho People

Lesotho People

Lesotho Facts 7: Administrative Divisions

There are 10 districts of the administrative division in Lesotho. Some of them include Berea, Butha-Buthe, Leribe, Mafeteng, Maseru and others.

Lesotho Facts 8: landscape

Talking about the landscape of Lesotho, you can find that it is filled with mountainous area. More than 80 percent of the area has the elevation 1,800 meter above the sea level.

Lesotho Pic

Lesotho Pic

Lesotho Facts 9: temperature

Lesotho is not a hot country. You can feel continental temperature climate when visiting Lesotho.   The cool months come in 26.6°F to 64°F. The warmest months are in 50°F. You can find snow on the highland between May and September.

Lesotho Facts 10: natural resources

The important natural resources that Lesotho has are diamonds and water.

Lesotho Scene

Lesotho Scene

In 1966, Lesotho gained their independence from United Kingdom. The people celebrate the independent day on 4th October each year. Do you have anything to say on facts about Lesotho?

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