10 Interesting Central America Facts

Thursday, November 28th 2013. | Countries

Central America facts may become important information for any people to get as the enhancement of their knowledge related to such region. By recognizing the facts about Central America, you indeed can learn better about it. So, what are those facts?

Central America Facts 1: seven countries

If what we talk here is about Central America, you may notice that it consists of seven countries having 42 million of people. Those countries are Costa Rica, Belize, El Savador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, and also Nicaragua.

Central America Facts 2: mayan civilization

Any people indeed have realized that Central America has the majority of history related to Mayan civilization. If you inspect, there have been many ruins and artifacts left within the Central America. Therefore, it can become perfect idea to conduct vacation there.

Central America area

Central America area

Central America Facts 3: official language

If you concern about the language used within such Central America, you may notice that it may apply Spanish to become their official language. The only country within Central America which may use English language is Belize. In fact, they may also apply other regional languages.

Central America Facts 4: largest city

You may wonder about the fact that there is largest city within Central America. It is the Guatemala City. The fact is that such city has certain amount of civilization such as 3.7 million people. Just conduct better review then about it.

Central America facts

Central America facts

Central America Facts 5: Pan American Highway

There is certain highway which you can use to go around the Central America. In fact, it is the single road which may connect to all of the different countries within Central America. Therefore, you may see that such road may become so much functional for any people who want to conduct vacation.

Central America Facts 6: the food

You may recognize that mostly of food provided within Central America is fresh food. The food may gain combination of food style whether from Asian, African, and many others’s influence. Mostly of the dishes are black beans, rice, cheeses, and others.

Centipedes Front Part

Centipedes Front Part

Central America Facts 7: rainforests

Well, many people have recognized that Central America is very famous of the rainforests. You may recognize that mostly rainforests come from certain countries such as Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, and Honduras. There are various species of plants and also animals as well.

Central America Facts 8:  volcanoes

The fact is that Central America is located on the ring of fire. Therefore, you may recognize that there are about 70 active volcanoes there. In this case, you may notice about there are many disasters caused because of those volcanoes.

Central America region

Central America region

Central America Facts 9: currency

What you really need to understand is that each of the country within the Central America has its own currency except the El Salvador and also Panama.

Central America Facts 10: travelers

You may find the fact that there are more than 10 million of travelers which you may find coming to Central America. In this case, you have recognized that Central America may become so much popular among tourist.

Central America

Central America

Before visiting any different countries within Central America, it has better people learn first facts about Central America. It is very important for any people.

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