10 Interesting Galapagos Island Facts

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Galapagos Island facts present the information about one for the unique islands in the world. The people who want to enjoy a new vacation can go to Galapagos Island. You can see many rarest animals in the island. You can take pictures as memories when you visit Galapagos Island with family or friend. Here are the interesting facts about the island:

Galapagos Island Facts 1: Giant Pinta Tortoise

The only surviving giant Pinta tortoise is found in Galapagos Island. However, the animal which is called as Lonesome George died in June 2012. Look Green sea turtle facts for more info.

Galapagos Island Facts 2: Galapagos Marine Iguana

Galapagos marine iguana is very unique.  It is the only lizard animal in the world which can swim on the ocean.

Galapagos Island Facts

Galapagos Island Facts

Galapagos Island Facts 3: Vacation

You can visit Galapagos any time you want because of the position for this island is in the equator. There are two main seasons in the island. The warm season is on December to May, while dry season comes from June to December. If you want a unique animal, see puffer fish facts.

Galapagos Island Facts 4: Dry Season

When the dry season comes in Galapagos Island, the most active animals are land birds and sea mammals. You can see the midday showers and blue skies in the dry season.

Galapagos Island Map

Galapagos Island Map

Galapagos Island Facts 5: Climate

The ocean currents determine the climate in the island. When the rainfall comes, the temperature in the island varies between 21 and 29 degree Celsius.

Galapagos Island Facts 6: Galapagos Penguin

The only penguin found in northern hemisphere is Galapagos penguin.   The breeding location is at the tropics. You can also see the fur sea lions in Galapagos. Compared to other species of fur sea lions, it is the smallest one.

Galapagos Island Seals

Galapagos Island Seals

Galapagos Island Facts 7: Alcedo Volcano

If you want to climb the volcano in the Galapagos, you can visit Alcedo Volcano.  You are served with the largest tortoise population too.

Galapagos Island Facts 8: Unpredictable Tides

The tides in the Galapagos Island are not predictable because the island is influenced by the ocean currents.   The tides are involved with the current for Panama, Humboldt, Cromwell, and Equatorial.

Galapagos Island Turtle

Galapagos Island Turtle

Galapagos Island Facts 9: Scolopendra Centipede

Scolopendra centipede can have the length around 30 cm. The appetite for this animal is so big. It can eat the young rats and lava lizards.

Galapagos Island Facts 10: World Heritage Site

Galapagos Island is included as the first UNESCO world heritage site in 1978.

Galapagos Island

Galapagos Island

The national park in Galapagos Island uses the uninhabited areas by the government of Ecuador in 1959. In Santa Cruz, there is a Darwin research station. It was officially inaugurated in 1964. Do you have more ideas on facts about Galapagos Island?

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