10 Interesting the Peak District Facts

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Check the Peak District Facts in the following post below.  The location of this area is at the southernmost end of the Pennines. In England, Peak District is considered as an upland area. Most areas covered by Peak District are located in northern Derbyshire.  Parts of Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire are located in Peak District. Here are other interesting facts about Peak District to notice:

The Peak District Facts 1: the division of Peak District

Peak District is divided in two sections. Both are the southern White Peak and the northern Dark Peak.

The Peak District Facts 2: the southern White Peak

The southern White Peak is dominated with limestone in term of geology. It is the area mostly occupied by the people. Find facts about the North East of England here.

the peak district

the peak district

The Peak District Facts 3: the northern Dark Peak

Gritstone is considered as the main geology in the northern Dark Peak. The moorland is also spotted here. Get facts about London Zoo here.

The Peak District Facts 4: the first national park

In 1951, United Kingdom had their first national park. It is called Peak District National Park. This park is very accessible since you can come here by rail or road. Moreover, the park is very close to Sheffield and Manchester. Millions of visitors come here per year.

the peak district view

the peak district view

The Peak District Facts 5: the amenities of the tourists

The tourists who come to Peak District do not have to be worried about the amenities for they can find them in Ashbourne, Wirksworth, Leek, Matlock and Matlock Bath and Buxton.

The Peak District Facts 6: the highest summer in Peak District

The highest summit in Peak District is located at Kinder Scout. The National Park also has the largest settlement located at Bakewell.  The River Wye in the area features the five-arched bridge created in thirteenth century.

the peak district pictures

the peak district pictures

The Peak District Facts 7: a popular attraction in Peak District

One of the popular attractions in Peak District is the spa town of Buxton. It was established as a genteel health resort by Dukes of Devonshire.

The Peak District Facts 8: the well dressing ceremonies

Most villages in Peak District host the well dressing ceremonies in summer and spring seasons.

the peak district facts

the peak district facts

The Peak District Facts 9: the interesting events

There are many other interesting events found in Peak District. They include Ashbourne’s Royal Shrovetide Football, the Peak Literary Festival, Castleton’s annual Garland Festival, and the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival.

The Peak District Facts 10: the local foods in Peak District

The village of Hartington produces the notable cheese Stilton. The Bakewell pudding is a unique food in the area.

the peak district beauty

the peak district beauty

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