10 Interesting London Zoo Facts

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Let me show you the oldest scientific zoo on London Zoo Facts.  On 27th April 1828, London Zoo was opened in London. At first, it was only used for scientific study collection. In 1847, London Zoo was opened for public visitors. Now the collection of London Zoo is expanded. There are 17,480 individual animals housed in the zoo included in 756 species. In United Kingdom, London Zoo takes the record with one of the largest collections of animals. The nickname of this zoo is Regent’s Zoo. Here are other interesting facts about London Zoo to notice:

London Zoo Facts 1: the management of London Zoo

In 1826, Zoological Society of London was founded. Now it manages London Zoo.

London Zoo Facts 2: the location of London Zoo

Let’s find out the location of London Zoo.  It sits on the border of borough of Camden and City of Westminster. London Zoo is at the northern area of Regent’s Park.

London Zoo Facts

London Zoo Facts

London Zoo Facts 3: the first scientific zoo

London Zoo is considered as the first scientific zoo. It also takes other records. In 1938, it had the first children’s zoo. In 1881, the first insect house was opened in London Zoo. In 1849, the first reptile house was established. In 1853, the Public Aquarium was opened in London Zoo. Find facts about sea lions here.

London Zoo Facts 4: the funding

The funding of London Zoo is centered on the sponsorship, entrance fees, Friend membership and Fellows membership. It does not earn state funding.

London Zoo

London Zoo

London Zoo Facts 5: Land of the Lions

HM Queen Elizbeth II opened the Land of the Lions in spring 2016. That’s why it is considered as a new enclosure. The area covers 27,000 square feet or 2,500 square metres. The design of this enclosure resembles the look of Indian Gir Forest National Park.

London Zoo Facts 6: the exhibit of Land of the Lions

If you visit Land of the Lions, you can spot the exhibit of natural habitat of lions, mongoose and Hanuman langurs.

London Zoo Pictures

London Zoo Pictures

London Zoo Facts 7: Tiger Territory

In March 2013, HRH Duke of Edinburgh officially opened Tiger Territory. Michael Kozdon was the architect who designed the exhibit. It is used to show the Sumatran Tiger enclosure. Check facts about the Isle of Wight here.

London Zoo Facts 8: the tigers

There are five tigers in London Zoo. A female tiger is called Melati, while Jae Jae is the male tiger. In February 2014, they had three cubs named Cinta, Nakal and Budi.

London Zoo Pic

London Zoo Pic

London Zoo Facts 9: Gorilla Kingdom

Another important exhibit is Gorilla Kingdom. There are six gorillas living here.

London Zoo Facts 10: Into Africa

In April 2016, an African themed area called Into Africa was opened in the zoo. You can spot African wild dogs, pygmy hippopotamus, okapi and many more.

London Zoo Image

London Zoo Image

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