10 Interesting Ohio Facts

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Ohio facts preserve the face of Unites States of America. It is one of the main states that people should learn about the history, attractive places and famous people. The first traffic light in America is located in Cleveland. It was installed on 5 August 1914. The pop tops were invented by Ermal Fraze in Kettering, Ohio.  If you are interested to know more about Ohio, look at the explanation below:

Ohio Facts 1: Cincinnati Reds

The first professional baseball team in the state is called as Cincinnati Reds. The city is also the home to the first professional city fire department.

Ohio Facts 2: Akron

One of the important cities in US is Akron.  It is well known as the rubber capital in the world. The police cars were used for the first time in Akron. Get more interesting cities in Colorado facts.

Ohio Cities

Ohio Cities

Ohio Facts 3: John Glenn

John Glenn is an Ohio senator. What makes the life of this man interesting is the space program. He is the oldest one who can orbit the earth on 20 February 1962. He travelled back to the outer space for a space program when he was in the age for 77 years old in October 1998.

Ohio Facts 4: Greenhouse

If you want to get the complete greenhouse and nursery plants, you can go to Ohio. It is considered as the leading producer of plants in US.

ohio facts

ohio facts

Ohio Facts 5: Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong is a famous man who walked on the moon surface for the first time.  He was originally come from Wapakoneta. Find famous people in Alabama facts.

Ohio Facts 6: Wright Brothers

The inventors for the first airplane were Wright Brothers.  They were originated from Dayton.

Ohio State

Ohio State

Ohio Facts 7: United States Presidents

There are several United States presidents born in Ohio. Some of them include William H. Taft, Ulysses S. Grant, Warren G. Harding, Benjamin Harrison, and Rutherford B. Hayes.

Ohio Facts 8: Famous People

There are many famous people coming from Ohio. Those are Clark Gable, Steven Spielberg, Arsenio Hall, Paul Newman, and Annie Oakley.

Troy ohio courthouse

Troy ohio courthouse

Ohio Facts 9: First Hot Dog

The first hot dog was created in Ohio in 1900. The popular dining dog was created by Harry M. Stevens.

Ohio Facts 10: Fostoria

The only city in Ohio located in three different counties of Wood, Hancock and Seneca is Fostoria.

Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio

The first permanent settlement in Ohio is located in Marinette. General Rufus Putnam is the founder of this settlement. He gave it the name Marinette to honor the queen of France Marie Antoinette in 1788. It was in Athens that the Ohio University was created in 1804. It is considered as the first university in Northwest Territory and Ohio. Are you surprised with facts about Ohio?

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