10 Interesting Ethiopia Facts

Saturday, January 18th 2014. | Countries

Find out about one of the prominent countries in Africa, you can read Ethiopia facts. Now Ethiopia is called as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.  This is the official name of the country in Africa located in the northeastern area.

Ethiopia Facts 1: border

There are several countries bordered Ethiopia. Some of them include South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia and Kenya.

Ethiopia Facts 2: population

There are many people inhabited Ethiopia. Thus, this country is ranked in the second most populous country in Africa.

Ethiopia facts

Ethiopia facts

Ethiopia Facts 3: The Ethiopian calendar

It is very unique to know that the Ethiopian calendar consists of 13 months. Normally people have 12 months on its calendar. Each month lasts for 30 days. However, there are only 5 or 6 days for the last month. They celebrate the New Year on 11th September.

Ethiopia Facts 4: the birthplace of coffee

The word coffee was derived from an area in the southern Ethiopia called Kaffa. The first discovery of coffee was in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Places

Ethiopia Places

Ethiopia Facts 5: Ethiopians in Bible

It is a very interesting fact that the word Ethiopians can be found in the Bible. This country also claims that the final resting place of the Arc the covenant is in Aksum.

Ethiopia Facts 6: Islam

Besides in the Bible, Ethiopia is also mentioned in the Koran. The first mosque built outside the Saudi Arabia was in the epithelia. It is the Al Nejashi mosque.



Ethiopia Facts 7: Addis Ababa

If you want to visit the highest city in Africa, you can go to Addis Ababa. The city is very cool. That’s why many foreign visitors are surprised when they come to Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia Facts 8: the Afar depression

If you want to know the hot place in Ethiopia, you can go to the Afar depression. Sometime people call it the Afar triangle.

Ethiopian Land

Ethiopian Land

Ethiopia Facts 9: Candace

The ancient queen who had ruled Ethiopia was called Candace. Sometimes people also call her Kentake or Kandake.

Ethiopia Facts 10: sharing names

The children in Ethiopia will use the first name of their father as the last name. It has different habit with the western people.

Ethiopian people

Ethiopian people

Most people in Ethiopia lived in a hut. They call it Tukul. The wall is created from mud and stick. The floor is from dirt, while the roof is made from the long grass of Tef. Do you have any opinion on facts about Ethiopia?

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