10 Interesting Palestine Facts

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Find out the detail information about a de jure sovereign state on Palestine Facts. People can call it a State of Palestine. The United Nations has given the state the status as a non-member observer state since 2012. The claims of the area under Palestine State include Gaza Strip and West Bank. The former borders Israel and Egypt, while the latter one borders with Israel and Jordan. The designated capital of the state is East Jerusalem. Here are other interesting facts about Palestine to notice:

Palestine Facts 1: the areas claimed by Palestine

Since 1967, Israel had inhabited most areas claimed by Palestine after Six-Day War. The PLO or Palestine Liberation Organization declared the independence of the state in Algiers on November 15, 1988. It received the status as a government in exile.

Palestine Facts 2: the term Palestine

If you check the term Palestine based on the British Mandate, the current areas of Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the State of Israel are included in the geographical area of Palestine.

palestine facts

palestine facts

Palestine Facts 3: the institutions in Palestine

The institutions established in Palestine are always connected with PLO. The Palestinian Central Council will appoint the president of Palestine. The function of the government in exile is conducted by the Executive Committee of PLO. The legislature in the state is performed by Palestinian National Council.

Palestine Facts 4: the Palestinian Declaration of Independence

The Palestinian Declaration of Independence is very important for it marks the founding document of the State of Palestine.

palestine images

palestine images

Palestine Facts 5: administrative divisions

There are 16 administrative divisions found in Palestine. Some of them include Gaza, Tulkarm, Jenin, Khan Yunis, Jerusalem and others.

Palestine Facts 6: the legal status of Palestine

Until this present day, the legal status of Palestine is still controversial. Some countries acknowledge the presence of the state and establish the bilateral relationship.

palestine pic

palestine pic

Palestine Facts 7: the security forces

Intelligence Services, National Security Forces and Civil Police Force are a number of security forces in Palestine.

Palestine Facts 8: the function of security forces

The function of the security forces is for the protection of state of Palestine and its citizens as well as maintains the security. Check facts about the Cook Islands here.

palestine pictures

palestine pictures

Palestine Facts 9: the religions

Around 93 percent of the Palestinians are Muslim. Six percent of the citizens embrace Christianity.

Palestine Facts 10: Tourism

The tourism in Palestine is associated with the visitation to Gaza strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Find facts about Northern Ireland here.

palestine map

palestine map

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