10 Interesting Estonia Facts

Friday, January 17th 2014. | Countries

Estonia facts can make you wonder about this beautiful country in the world. If you look at the pictures of Estonia, you will know that this country has an amazing landscape. If you have the opportunity to visit Estonia, you need to go to the villages, countryside area, and the famous building in the country.  This northeastern country in Europe will be explained in the following post:

Estonia Facts 1: political voting

Estonia is located in the northeastern of European continent.  It seems that the people in this country are familiar with technology. There is no need to wonder that the online political voting was firstly used in Estonia.

Estonia Facts 2: Tallinn

Tallinn is considered by the Estonian people as the official capital city. However, this country has several other capitals which make it unique. The summer capital is Parnu, while the cultural capital in Estonia is Tartu.

Estonia in Europe

Estonia in Europe

Estonia Facts 3: the official language

The people in Estonia speak the official language of Estonian. However, many people in this country speak Russian fluently.

Estonia Facts 4: Independence Day

There are two Independence Day that Estonian people have. The first one was celebrated since 24th February 1918. The country got it from the Soviet Union. Another celebration was gained on 20th August 1991 after 51 years of occupation. It is called as the Restoration of Independence Day.

estonia map

estonia map

Estonia Facts 5: Kroon

Kroon was the official currency in Estonia. Now the country used euro as the official currency since it is one of the members of Euro Zones.

Estonia Facts 6: name

The name of the country was derived from the word Ests. The Ests was the people occupied the area in the first century AD.

Estonia Political Map

Estonia Political Map

Estonia Facts 7: forest

Estonia is green country because a half of the region is still covered with forest.

Estonia Facts 8: Baltic countries

Estonia is included as one of the Baltic countries. Other members include Lithuania and Latvia. However, there is no political alliance among those countries.

Estonia, Tallinn

Estonia, Tallinn

Estonia Facts 9: religion

We cannot say that the people in Estonia are religious. There are only 14 percent of the people in Estonia who embrace the religion. Thus, the people in the country are considered as the least religious ones.

Estonia Facts 10: the homeland

Estonia is famous as the home land of KaZaA, Htomail and Skype. There is no need to wonder if you know that all schools in the country are connected to Internet.

Estonia World Map

Estonia World Map

Now the country is inhabited by more than 1.3 million people. When Paul Keres, the chess grandmaster who was born in Estonia passed away, 10 percent of the population in Estonia attended his funeral. Do you have any objection on facts about Estonia?

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