10 Interesting Nepal Facts

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Nepal Facts give the fascinating information about the small landlocked country in the lap of Himalayas. The area of the country is around 1, 47,181 sq km. It is located between two biggest countries of India and China. Check the following post below for detail information about Nepal:

Nepal Facts 1: pristine beauty

If you come to Nepal, you will be impressed with the pristine beauty. There are many types of greenery which can give fresh air to the people. The Skyscraping Mountains and beautiful environment are the main interest in Nepal.

Nepal Facts 2: activities to do

There are many kinds of activities to do when you are in Nepal. You can do rafting, trekking, sightseeing and hiking. The hydropower in Nepal should be developed too for this small country has higher energy if they use the hydropower technique.

Nepal Beauty

Nepal Beauty

Nepal Facts 3: the most visited places in the world

There are two places in Nepal which attract a lot of people in the world. Both are the deepest Georg of The Arun Valley and the peak of Mount Everest.

Nepal Facts 4: the internet speed

You should never be upset when you find out that the internet speed in Nepal is very slow.  More than 60 percent of the Nepal inhabitants can only access internet with the speed lower than 256 kbps.

Nepal Facts

Nepal Facts

Nepal Facts 5: living in the dark

The prospect of hydropower is very big in Nepal because the country is ranked as the second one with most water resource in the world. Actually it can produce 83,000 MW. But Nepal always faces the problem regarding to the load shedding problem. People can only use the electricity 9 to 12 hours in one day. You should never be wondered if you find people living in the dark.

Nepal Facts 6: weed

Weed is illegal for it is not for public usage. But if you visit Nepal, you can find weeds in the rural area.  Do you know that once Freak Street, Nepal is considered as the best weed capital in the world?

Nepal Scenery

Nepal Scenery

Nepal Facts 7: World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites can be found in Nepal too. It includes 3 districts in Nepal. Those are Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu

Nepal Facts 8: Namaste

Just like the Indian culture, the Nepal people will never shake hands or hug you when they greet people. They will hold both palm and say Namaste to greet people.

Nepal Travel

Nepal Travel

Nepal Facts 9: Mountain climbing, trekking and rafting

The most activities that people do in Nepal include mountain climbing, trekking and rafting. One of the famous rivers for rafting is Trisuli.

Nepal Facts 10: record

There are many world records that Nepal has. For example, it holds the record of the highest mountain in the world with its Mount Everest. Find out Facts about Mount Everest here.



The highest lake on earth is also located in Nepal. It is called Lake Tilicho. Do you want to share opinion on facts about Nepal?

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