10 Interesting Canada Facts

Tuesday, November 26th 2013. | Countries

Canada Facts may become so much beneficial for any people to enhance their knowledge about any country out there. What you need to do is to review about some facts that I want to provide here which will be so much useful indeed.

Canada Facts 1: longest street

I believe that there are people who have already recognized about the fact that Canada is the country where the longest street in the world exists such as Yonge Street having the distance of 2000 kilometers. This may become common information among people all over the world indeed.

Canada Facts 2: longest coastline

We all understand that people may also recognize that Canada is also the home of the longest coast having the record of 202.080 km. It is indeed the long size of the coastline right?



Canada Facts 3: Winniepeg

Have you ever heard about certain story such as Winnie the Pooh? Actually, it is the story inspired by a bear cub exported from Canada to London. A child named Robin Milne often visit such bear cub which makes his father (A.A Milne) writes story about it.

Canada Facts 4: A Mary Usque ad Mare

Some of you I believe have already recognized about certain motto of Canada such as a Mary Usque ad Mare. So, do you already notice about the meaning of such motto? The fact is that it has the meaning of from sea to sea.

Canada Facts

Canada Facts

Canada Facts 5: biggest Sony screen

If you visit Canada, you may recognize about the fact that there is biggest Sony screen in the world located in SkyDome having the size of 10 m x 33.6 m. This may become so much amusing indeed to visit directly.

Canada Facts 6: Blackberry smart phone

If you have already recognized about certain smart phone such as Blackberry, you may find out that such smart phone is developed under RIM in Ontario. The office is in Waterloo actually.

Canada Park

Canada Park

Canada Facts 7: big nickel

Perhaps you have already heard about the Big Nickel in Sudbury. The fact is that it is the world’s largest coin in the world actually. You may be amazed that the diameter of such big nickel is 9 meters.

Canada Facts 8:  USA invasion

It is because such country is so much close to United States, the invasions indeed are inevitable. You may find out that such country has been invaded by US twice such as within the year of 1775 and 1812. You can review more about the reasons from the internet actually.

Canada Scene

Canada Scene

Canada Facts 9: gold medals

Any of you should know the fact that such country holds records of gold medals of Winter Olympics which has reached the amount of 14 medals.

Canada Facts 10: insects

In fact, if you may conduct inspection about the species of insects, you may notice about 55,000 species of insects there.

Canada Skyline

Canada Skyline

Learning facts about Canada may help people who want to visit Canada to do vacation or simply want to gain recognition about the country. So, what is your intention?

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