10 Interesting Montserrat Facts

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One of the countries located in the Lesser Antilles in Caribbean is explained in Montserrat Facts. The island is a home to 6,000 people. The island is not really big. It only has the width of 7 miles and the length of 10 miles. Find out the detail facts about Montserrat below:

Montserrat Facts 1: the primary language

The primary language used by the people to communicate daily is English.  It will be easy for the foreign tourist to trade and deal with the local people.

Montserrat Facts 2: name

In 1493, Columbus named the country Montserrat.  It was taken from the name of a monastery in Montserrat that people recognize today as a Catalonia, Spain. Today, Montserrat is a part of British Overseas territory.

Montserrat Beaches

Montserrat Beaches

Montserrat Facts 3: nickname

Many people refer Montserrat as the Emerald Isle of Caribbean. It gains the nickname because coastal shape of Montserrat. It looks like the shape of Ireland.

Montserrat Facts 4: the public holiday

The famous public holiday is Saint Patrick’s Day. Another country celebrating the day is Ireland. Find out facts about Ireland here.

Montserrat Facts

Montserrat Facts

Montserrat Facts 5: the exclusion zone

If you are in Montserrat, you need to know that not all parts of island are accessible. The southern half of the island is included in the exclusive zone. In 1995, Soufriere Hills volcano erupted which made the half of the island in ash.

Montserrat Facts 6: of three parishes

There are three parishes which make up Montserrat. The inhabited one is located in the northwest area, Saint Peter Parish.  The other two parishes are not inhabited by people because both are still dangerous. It sits the active Soufriere Hills Volcano on both parishes.

Montserrat Map

Montserrat Map

Montserrat Facts 7: caves

When you visit the beaches and shores, you can find a lot of caves here. People love to enjoy the diving activity here. You can also see different kinds of bats on the caves.

Montserrat Facts 8: music recordings

In 1980s, there were many music recordings in the island. This country was very popular. Some musicians who made recording included Jimmy Buffet, Duran Duran, Dire Straights, and The Police. In 1989, the studio was ruined by Hurricane Hugo which made the recording stopped.

Montserrat Scene

Montserrat Scene

Montserrat Facts 9: religions

There are various kinds of religions embraced by the people. They are Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic and many more.

Montserrat Facts 10: climate

People like to visit Montserrat because it has the warm tropical climate.

Montserrat Skyline

Montserrat Skyline

The people lay their economy in the industries of electronic appliances, textiles, rum and tourism. Are you interested reading facts about Montserrat?

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