10 Interesting Echinoderm Facts

Sunday, January 5th 2014. | Animals

Echinoderms facts give you the information about the animal which does not have any blood. Most animals that you can find in daily life contain blood. However, this animal is very unique. It does not have any blood on its body. If you are interested to find more other unique feature about echinoderm, look at the facts below:

Echinoderm Facts 1: definition of echinoderm

Can you define echinoderm in simpler words? This animal is included in an invertebrate animal. It has the internal skeleton with a water vascular system.

Echinoderm Facts 2: habitat

It is very impossible to find echinoderm is fresh after area. Their habitat is in salt water. You need to go to the sea to find out echinoderm.

Echinoderm facts

Echinoderm facts

Echinoderm Facts 3: types of echinoderm

There are several types of echinoderm. Some of them include sea cucumbers, brittle stars, sea stars, and sea urchins.

Echinoderm Facts 4: symmetry

You can find out a unique feature in echinoderm by seeing on the shape of the body. All types of echinoderms that you find on the sea are in radial symmetrical body. It means that they have a central point with many lines of symmetry.

Echinoderm Fromia monilis

Echinoderm Fromia monilis

Echinoderm Facts 5: blood

As I have stated before, echinoderm has not blood in the body. The function of blood in echinoderm is replaced by the water vascular system.

Echinoderm Facts 6: tube feet

The location of the feet in echinoderm is very unique. You can see them along the arms of the animal. The feet are called tube feet. The function is to capture prey, move, and cling the surface.

Echinoderm purple urchin

Echinoderm purple urchin

Echinoderm Facts 7: predators

Even though echinoderm has cute appearance, you should near be mistaken by thinking that all echinoderms are weak animals. They are predators. The tube feet of sea star will be used to grip the prey such as oysters and clams.

Echinoderm Facts 8: sea stars

One of the members in echinoderms that you can see on the sea shore is sea star.  This animal has eyespot.  The eyes are used by sea star to detect the dark and light.

Echinoderm Sea Star

Echinoderm Sea Star

Echinoderm Facts 9: Sea Cucumbers

Sea cucumbers have a different projection when they feel threatened by other animals. They will fling the internal organ to the predators. The sea cucumbers have the ability to replace the lost organ.

Echinoderm Facts 10: sea urchin

One of the edible echinoderms is sea urchin. In many countries in Europe or Asia, people love to enjoy their food created from sea urchin. Do you like it?



I have stated that all echinoderms can be found living in salt water. if you place a sea cucumber inside the fresh water, it will explode. Are you fascinated with facts about echinoderm?

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