10 Interesting Electric Eel Facts

Saturday, January 11th 2014. | Animals

Enjoy the information about the unique animal in electric eel facts. You have to know that there are some types of fish which can produce electricity. The electric eel is famous with its electricity production. You need it find out whether this animal is an eel or a fish in the following post below:

Electric Eel Facts 1: habitat

Electric eel is not included in endangered animals.  This is one of the common types of fish which can product the electricity. Based on the researches, there are 500 types of fish which can generate electricity. You can find them living in Orinoco River and muddy areas in Amazon.

Electric Eel Facts 2: catfish

You are wrong if you think that an electric eel is a type of an eel. Even though the name of this animal sports the eel name, it is closely related to catfish.

Electric Eel facts

Electric Eel facts

Electric Eel Facts 3: air

Most electric eels can be found living in a muddy and shallow area. They don’t live deep underwater because in every 10 minutes, the animal has to jump on the air to breathe the oxygen.

Electric Eel Facts 4: weight and length

The weight of an electric eel is around 44 pounds. The length of this animal is around 8 feet.

Electric Eel in Water

Electric Eel in Water

Electric Eel Facts 5: color of body

There are several colors of electric eels that you can see on the river. The body color can be in blue, black, grey, purple, white and many more. The body comes in the shape of cylindrical body.

Electric Eel Facts 6: meat eater

An electric eel is included as a meat eater animal. It is carnivorous since it likes to eat small mammal, birds, amphibians and other fish.

Electric Eel Long

Electric Eel Long

Electric Eel Facts 7: electricity production

An eel which has the length of 20 feet can generate the electricity of 12 bulbs light. You can die if you hit with several electric shocks by an eclectic eel. If you encounter with this fish, you have to be careful.

Electric Eel Facts 8: living style

Let’s figure out the way an electric ell lives. A group of eels is called a swarm. But most electric eels live alone. Therefore, they are called as a solitary animal.

Electric Eel

Electric Eel

Electric Eel Facts 9: cells

There are 6000 cells that an electric eel has. The function of the cells is to produce electricity. Compared to the standard US wall socket, the electricity produced by an electric eel is five times bigger.

Electric Eel Facts 10: poor eye height

The electricity that an electric eel produces is not only for protection but also to make them see the environment better. This animal has poor eyesight so that it needs a low level electricity to produce light. It enables them to locate the prey better.

Electric Eels

Electric Eels

When the dry season comes, the electric eels will mate. The female eels can lay up to 17,000 eggs. Do you have any opinion on facts about electric eel?

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