10 Interesting Dodo Bird Facts

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Dodo Bird Facts inform you with the extinct flightless birds. In the past, the population of dodo birds was spotted in east Madagascar and Mauritius Island. The biological name of dodo bird is Raphus cucullatus. This bird had a close relationship with Rodrigues solitaire. Both of them were included in the Raphinae subfamily. However, both are extinct today. Check other interesting facts about dodo birds to note:

Dodo Bird Facts 1: Nicobar pigeon

Nicobar pigeon is considered as the living bird which has a close relationship with dodo bird.

Dodo Bird Facts 2: the size of dodo bird

The experts believe that dodo bird had the weight around 23 to 47 lb or 10.6 to 21.1 kilogram.  The height of dodo bird was estimated around 3 feet 3 inches or 1 meter based on the remains of dodo’s subfossils.

Dodo Bird Facts

Dodo Bird Facts

Dodo Bird Facts 3: the physical appearance of dodo bird

The physical appearance of dodo birds is recognized by the people through written accounts, paintings and drawings dated back in seventeenth century.

Dodo Bird Facts 4: the varied information

Even though dodo bird was used as a subject in various paintings and literature, the depiction about the bird was not exact.

Dodo Bird Image

Dodo Bird Image

Dodo Bird Facts 5: the behavior and habitat

The information related to the behavior and habitat of dodo birds is very limited. The experts can only gather the information by looking at the fossils.

Dodo Bird Facts 6: the physical appearance

It is believed that the beak of dodo bird was in green, yellow or black. The head was naked and had grey color.  It had yellow feet and brownish grey plumage.

Dodo Bird Pic

Dodo Bird Pic

Dodo Bird Facts 7: the food digestion

The food digestion of dodo bird was assisted by the gizzard stone.  The favorite food of dodo bird was fruit. Check facts about Tarsier here.

Dodo Bird Facts 8: the flightless bird

The people believe that dodo bird was a flagless bird. They did not fly because they lived in the island of Mauritius. The predators were scarce and the food was abundant.

Dodo Bird Pictures

Dodo Bird Pictures

Dodo Bird Facts 9: the first recorded dodo bird

In 1598, the Dutch sailors mentioned dodo birds for the first time. Then the sailors began to hunt dodo bird. In 1662, the people spotted the last sighting of dodo birds. The remains of dodo birds from 17th century were founded and examined in 19th century. Find facts about Great Dane here.

Dodo Bird Facts 10: the popular recognition of dodo birds

In Mauritius, dodo bird is used as a mascot. It also receives wider recognition in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Facts about Dodo Bird

Facts about Dodo Bir

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