10 Interesting Orangutan Facts

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Orangutan facts bring the information about one of the intelligent animals in the world. They can use tools and communicate using vocalization. They will use the sticks or branches of tree to know whether the water is deep or not. To catch the insects for food, orangutan will poke twigs in the holes. Here are other interesting orangutan facts for you.

Orangutan Facts 1: Red Apes

Many people refer orangutan as red apes. They are considered as the only great ape that people can find living outside Africa.

Orangutan Facts2: Habitat

Most orangutans spend their entire life in the forest canopy. Thus, they are included as the only strictly arboreal apes.

orang utan

orang utan

Orangutan Facts 3: Breed

Compared to any other primates, the breeding process of orangutan is a bit slower. In their life time, Orangutan can only have 3 off springs.

Orangutan Facts 4: Sumatran Orangutans

Let’s compare Sumatran orangutans and Borean orangutan.  The borean orangutan has thicker hair with shower beard and wider cheek pads than the Sumatran orangutan.

Orangutan Facts

Orangutan Facts

Orangutan Facts 5: Species of Orangutan

There are two main species of orangutan. Both are Pongo pygmaeus or borean orangutan and Pongo abelii or Sumatran orangutan.

Orangutan Facts 6: Brachiating

The only apes in the world coming from Asia are orangutan. This animal has great brachiating movement. They can walk using arm to arm movement.

Orangutan on a Tree

Orangutan on a Tree

Orangutan Facts 7: Diurnal Animal

Orangutans are active when the day comes. They sleep when the night comes.  The animals are included as diurnal animals.

Orangutan Facts 8: Teeth

The number of teeth that orangutans have is similar with human being. They have 32 permanent teeth. The canine teeth are sharp. The male orangutans use their teeth when they are in fighting and show dominance. They cheekpads keep growing in the entire life of male’s orangutan.

Orangutan with Baby

Orangutan with Baby

Orangutan Facts 9: Nest

The nest of orangutan is created from wood or leaves. They like building the nest in a tree. They will sleep during the night. To protect themselves from the overheated and wet rain, the animals will hold a leafy branch above his head.

Orangutan Facts 10: Name

The name of orangutan is derived from the Malay or Bahasa Indonesia. Orang means man, while utan means forest. Thus, orangutan means the man of the forest. You can find them inhabited Sumatra and Borneo.



To communicate with other orangutans, they will use 13 up to 15 different vocalizations. The height of orangutans can reach the length of 8 feet.  In their true habitat, the female orangutans choose to live along with infants. The male orangutans also live alone. The height of male orangutans can reach 4.5 feet. The female orangutans are shorter with the height around 3.5 feet. The lifespan of the animals is air around 35 to 50 years old. Do you have any more facts about orangutan?

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