10 Interesting Vanadium Facts

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The chemical element with the atomic number 23 and symbol V is explained on Vanadium Facts. This transition metal is malleable, ductile, silvery grey and hard. It is hard to find Vanadium in the nature. In 1801, the compounds of vanadium were discovered by Andres Manuel del Rio in Mexico. At that time, he worked on the brown lead defined as a new lead-bearing mineral. He called it erythronium. The word is taken from Greek, which means red. The new element turned into the red color when it was heated. Let us check other interesting facts about vanadium below:

Vanadium Facts 1: erythronium and chromium

Erythronium was considered as chromium by other scientists who were successfully convinced Andres Manuel del Rio four years later.

Vanadium Facts 2: Nils Gabriel Sefström

Nils Gabriel Sefström produced the chlorides of vanadium in 1830. His experiment gave the proof of the presence of a new element.  It was called vanadium. It was named after Vanadís. She is the goddess of beauty and fertility from Scandinavia. Look at facts about Palladium here.

Vanadium and Ford

Vanadium and Ford

Vanadium Facts 3: the natural occurrence

Even though the natural vanadium is rarely occurred, it is found in at least 65 minerals.

Vanadium Facts 4: the production of vanadium

The production of vanadium takes place in Russia and China from the steel smelter slag.   Vanadium is also generated by other countries from the uranium mines and heavy oil.

Vanadium Facts

Vanadium Facts

Vanadium Facts 5: the usage of vanadium

The high-speed tool steels are usually created by using vanadium. The catalyst for generating the sulfuric acid is created by using the vanadium pentoxide. It is a vanadium compound produced for the industries.

Vanadium Facts 6: the toxicity

Vanadium is considered as a toxin when it is found in a large amount inside the body of some living organisms. The moderate toxicity is found on the salts and oxide of vanadium.

Vanadium Pic

Vanadium Pic

Vanadium Facts 7: Ford Model T

Do you know that the chassis of Ford Model T featured the vanadium steel? Actually, it was difficult for the industries to isolate the vanadium metal. Get facts about

Vanadium Facts 8: the production of vanadium metal

In 1867, the metal of vanadium was produced by Roscoe. He reduced the VCl2 with hydrogen. The calcium was used to reduce vanadium pentoxide for producing the pure vanadium in 1927. Find facts about uranium here.



Vanadium Facts 9: the function of the vanadium steel

Vanadium steel was used to create the steel chassis for it improved the tensile strength and decreased the weight.

Vanadium Facts 10: the corrosion

Vanadium has great stability against the hydrochloric and sulfuric acids and alkalis. It stands against corrosion.

Facts about Vanadium

Facts about Vanadium

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