10 Interesting Chemistry Facts

Saturday, November 30th 2013. | Science

Chemistry facts or also trivia may become so much useful for those who really want to recognize about the importance of any information related to Chemistry or any of you who want to study about it. So, what are those facts actually?

Chemistry Facts 1: water expansion

You may recognize the fact that water is different from any other substances. It is because water may expand when it freezes. It means that any ice cubes may take more volume than when it is in the form of water.

Chemistry Facts 2: salt and water

There is interesting fact such as when you pour salt into water, the level of the water may go down instead of go up. Many people I believe may become so much attentive about it indeed. So, what do you think about it actually?

celebrate chemistry

celebrate chemistry

Chemistry Facts 3: salt and human body

It is still about salt. You may find out the fact that within human body, there is approximately ½ lb or about 250 g of salt. Such amount is within average human body indeed.

Chemistry Facts 4: pure forms

If it is about chemistry facts, there are indeed many things that you should know. One of most interesting fact is that certain pure elements can take any different forms. The example is pure carbon which may become whether diamond or graphite.

chemistry fact

chemistry fact

Chemistry Facts 5: religion

We may recognize that there is certain language which is used in Chile such as Christianity actually. If you conduct review, there is about 63% of Chilean who are Roman Catholics, and the rest are Protestants and agnostic or atheist.

Chemistry Facts 6: water

You need to understand that any different element indeed has different chemical name. Let’s take example from certain element such as water which has the chemical name such as dihydrogen monoxide.

chemistry facts

chemistry facts

Chemistry Facts 7: lightning

You need to know that lightning strike may produce O3 which indeed may become the major reason why the atmosphere may gain more strength. It may also make the ozone layer stronger indeed.

Chemistry Facts 8:  non silvery metals

If fact, almost any metals have silvery elements. There are only two metals having no silvery elements. They are gold and copper. Such kind of information indeed has become major knowledge for people indeed. So, what do you think about it?

chemistry home

chemistry home

Chemistry Facts 9: astatine

You need to understand that there is certain rarest element on earth such as astatine. There are only few people who understand about this fact indeed.

Chemistry Facts 10: the stings

You may find out that bee stings are acidic while the wasp stings are alkaline. This information is rarely known as well.

chemistry subjects

chemistry subjects

The way people understand facts about Chemistry may become so much interesting indeed to notice. In this case, you may find out that any information above is very useful.

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