10 Interesting Cloud Facts

Tuesday, December 10th 2013. | Earth

Cloud facts are parts of knowledge for people. Cloud is common to notice right? Yet, there are more people have no knowledge about clouds. People usually understand cloud as the main source of the formation of rain. The fact, there are other interesting facts about cloud.

Cloud Facts 1: formation

First thing to understand about cloud is in how it is formed. The duration of the formation is about few minutes. There are also clouds formed within an hour. The way the clouds to be created are different from each other.

Cloud Facts 2: categories

Second fact is about the categories. If you categorize the cloud, there are 3 of them based on the height from the land. Those are high clouds, medium clouds, and low clouds.

Blue Clouds

Blue Clouds

Cloud Facts 3: the contents

Low clouds usually are made up from droplets of water. The base is below 2000 meters. The medium clouds are made from the same contents. The difference is only the base. It is 7000 meters. If it is about high clouds, they are made from ice crystals. The base is from 5500 and 14000 meters.

Cloud Facts 4: clouds in other planet

Planet Saturn has the clouds. If you gather review, any other planets or also moon can have clouds. The main requirement is only the atmosphere.

Cloud Cartoon

Cloud Cartoon

Cloud Facts 5: the color

You need to know about the color of clouds. The color is white. It is because it reflects the sun light. Some people haven’t understood this.

Cloud Facts 6: Iran

Clouds become the symbol of good omen in certain country. It is especially in Iran.

Cloud facts

Cloud facts

Cloud Facts 7: Noctilucent

There is definite name of cloud called Noctilucent. It can reflect the sun light well. Even during the night, the cloud is visible to see.

Cloud Facts 8:  Cumulus

People already know about Cumulus. It is a type of classic cloud. The major color of the cloud is white. any Buddhist and also Hindus’, they believe that such cloud has the relation with elephants.

Cloud on Sky

Cloud on Sky

Cloud Facts 9: the lightning

Lightning is related to the cloud. It is the spark of electricity in the clouds. The main cause is the collision of the water droplets. The collision may build static electricity. If the spark jumps off, the lightning occurs.

Cloud Facts 10: cirrus clouds

People’s favorite clouds are the cirrus. It is the form of cloud having wispy and thin appearance. It occurs high in the sky.



The facts about Cloud I hope become useful for any of you. In this case, you can consider gaining more facts from different source as well.

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