10 Interesting Monsoon Facts

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Monsoon Facts give you the detail information about the hard raining in some countries in the world.  Around 50 million years ago, monsoon in Asia was always linked with the uplift of the Tibetian Plateau. It was occurred after the collision between Asia and Indian sub continent. Here are the facts about monsoon for you:

Monsoon Facts 1: definition

Many people always linked monsoon with the heavy rain. Actually it is associated with the strong winds blowing from the cold area to the hot areas.

Monsoon Facts 2: lighting strikes

You have to be careful with monsoon.  During a monsoon time, there are around 500,000 lightning strikes. It is better for you to stay inside the house to keep you safe.

Monsoon and Flood

Monsoon and Flood

Monsoon Facts 3: word

Many people believe that the word monsoon was take from the Arabic word, mausim. The meaning of mausim is a shift in the season or wind.

Monsoon Facts 4: benefits of monsoon

Even though the harsh monsoon is linked with death and accident, many areas in the world lay the life of the human beings, plants and animal from the monsoon. The monsoon rain is very important so that the creatures in the world will never experience any draught. Some parts which have no monsoon experience famine and drought which lead to the death of human being, plants and animals.

Monsoon Facts

Monsoon Facts

Monsoon Facts 5: India

The country in the world which experiences the most dramatic monsoon is India. If you are in India during the monsoon time, you should never be surprised when you find a mouse on the back of a frog. The mice do it to save the body from the flooding water. Get more facts about India here.

Monsoon Facts 6: ‘Return of the Westerlies’

‘Return of the Westerlies’ is the name of the Monsoon system in the European continent. Monsoon also happens in some parts of USA such as New Mexico, Southwest Texas, and Arizona. It usually occurs from 15th June to 30th September.

Monsoon in Asia

Monsoon in Asia

Monsoon Facts 7: the end of monsoon

Most monsoon systems end on 30th September

Monsoon Facts 8: violent thunderstorm

The weather hazards will be occurred during the heavy monsoons. You have to be careful with a violent thunderstorm, wildfires, dust storm, lightning, extreme heat, downburst winds and flash flood.

Monsoon Rains

Monsoon Rains

Monsoon Facts 9: Arizona

One part of US which receives monsoon is Arizona. During the monsoon time, the area has 32 percent of the total yearly rainfall.

Monsoon Facts 10: farmers in India

When the monsoon comes, the farmers in India have low income. The heavy rain and winds wipe out all crops. Therefore, some farmers buy insurance to cover the unsure weather in the country.



In 2005, the monsoon in India killed 1,100 people. At that time, it was so strong. What do you think on facts about monsoon?

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