10 Interesting Deciduous Forest Facts

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Deciduous forest facts provide some interesting facts about the forest which loses the leaves each year. The view of the forest is unique when you see that the entire ground in the forest is filled with the fall leaves. Find out more about deciduous forest in the following post below:

Deciduous Forest Facts 1: location of deciduous forest in America

The people living in America can find out the deciduous forest easily. You just have to go to the forest located in Maine, Minnesota, east of Texas and Florida. You can also see the forest in Argentina and Chile.

Deciduous Forest Facts 2: deciduous forest in Europe

Deciduous forest can be found not only in America, but also in Europe. This forest is abundant in the south of Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Austria, west of France and Kazan in Russia.

Deciduous Forest Beauty

Deciduous Forest Beauty

Deciduous Forest Facts 3: deciduous forest in Asia

The Asian continent is also filled with many deciduous forests. You can see the forest in Japan, North Korea and east of China. The view of deciduous forest is very calming and tranquil. You will love to see this forest for medication. If you decide to go to Australia, you can see the eastern side of the country.

Deciduous Forest Facts 4: destruction on the forest

The main destruction on the deciduous forest is because of the activity of human being surrounded in the area. People use some parts of the forest for farming which causes the forest to decrease.

Deciduous Forest Biome

Deciduous Forest Biome

Deciduous Forest Facts 5: the bottom of the food chain in deciduous forest

You can see soil bacteria, fungi and nematodes sit on the bottom of the food chain in deciduous forest. The ordinary producers of food in the forest include flowers, deciduous trees, fruits, flowers, berry bushes and ferns.

Deciduous Forest Facts 6: the primary consumers in the food chair

The primary consumers in the deciduous forest food chain include insect, diet, birds, and rodents. All of them like to eat the deciduous plants.

Deciduous Forest facts

Deciduous Forest facts

Deciduous Forest Facts 7: primary consumer eater

The small predators, insectivores and carnivores will hunt for the primary consumer in the forest. The eaters include owls, foxes, opossum and large birds.

Deciduous Forest Facts 8: the top of the food chairs

In deciduous forest, the top of the food chairs is occupied by cougars and bears. They like eating the small predators and fish.

Deciduous Forest River

Deciduous Forest River

Deciduous Forest Facts 9: appearance in deciduous forest

Compared to any other kinds of forest such as grassland and rainforest, the deciduous forest is very interesting.  The appearance this forest will be changed based on the four seasons of winter, fall, summer and spring.

Deciduous Forest Facts 10: flowers

The flowers that you see on the forest are very unique and beautiful. You can see many wildflowers around the forest.

Deciduous Forest

Deciduous Forest

If you decide to visit a deciduous forest, you need to be careful with the brown bears living in the forest. They have sharp claws which tear you away. Please comment on facts about deciduous forest!

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