10 Interesting Deer Facts

Thursday, December 26th 2013. | Animals

Deer facts give the information about the one of the cutest animals in the world. Deer is always associated with Santa Clause when Christmas holiday comes. It remains you with a carriage that Santa Clause rides when he wants to send the presents for kids all over the world. Find out the true facts about deer in the following post below:

Deer Facts 1: antlers

It is easy to differentiate the male and female deer. The male deer will have antlers. This feature will grow bigger every year. The female deer does not have antlers on their head.

Deer Facts 2: family

Deer is included in the family of Cervidae. It has a close relation with some animals such as elk, reindeer, and moose.

Deer facts

Deer facts

Deer Facts 3: antelope and deer

Many people misinterpret that deer and antelope are similar. Both are totally different even though their body looks alike. Antelopes live with no antler. They have horns on the head. Antlers are not the same with horns because antlers can be replaced with a new one if they are broken. It will keep growing. Get another explanation of animal in crow facts.

Deer Facts 4: mating season

Just like any other animals, deer also use their endurance and power to gain the interest from the female deer. They will use antlers to battle with other deer to catch the female.



Deer Facts 5: hunting

The population of deer is decreased because people love to hunt this animal. They will take the antler and use it as the decorative accent on the wall of the house.

Deer Facts 6: abilities

Deer is unique. This animal is capable of swimming and jumping very well. The underwater animal is explained in cuttlefish facts.

Small Deer

Small Deer

Deer Facts 7: name

Deer has different names. You need to call a male deer as a buck. When you want to call a female deer, use the word doe. Stag is used to call a large male deer. The group of deer is named herd. You can call a young deer as a fawn.

Deer Facts 8: white spot

When a baby deer was born, it usually has white spots. In a year, the white sport will fade away from the body.

white tailed deer

white tailed deer

Deer Facts 9: walking ability

After being delivered by the female deer, a baby born deer can walk in only half an hour. The baby usually will stay with their mother until a year.

Deer Facts 10: long legs

Most deer have long legs to suit the environment where they live in.  Deer like to eat grass and foliages on the savannah and jungle.

Cute Deer

Cute Deer

You can find deer living in various continents. If you do not want to decrease the population of this animal, don’t hunt them. Do you have any opinion on facts about deer?

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