10 Interesting Zoo Facts

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Zoo Facts inform the readers with a facility, which houses different kinds of animals.  Zoo is not only used to display animals for public visitors. It is also the place to breed and house them. The term zoo is synonymous with menagerie, Animal Park, zoological park and zoological garden. The first use of the term zoo was spotted in London Zoological Garden. In 1828, it was opened for the scientific study. In 1857, it was opened for public visitors. Let us get other interesting facts about zoo by reading the below post:

Zoo Facts 1: the animal collections

The number of animal collections in a public zoo globally is more than 1,000 individuals. The cities have around 80 percent of them.

Zoo Facts 2: the public visitors

The public visitors of zoo in United States reach more than 180 million individuals.

facts about zoo

facts about zoo

Zoo Facts 3: the enclosures

The enclosures of the zoo should imitate the natural habitat of animals.  Therefore, the animals will be able to retain the behavioral patterns. Therefore, the visitors and animals will enjoy the benefits from the zoos.

Zoo Facts 4: the nocturnal animals

The buildings are made with reversed light-dark cycle for the nocturnal animals. During the day, the red lights or dim white lights will be applied. When the visitors come, the animals will be active. When the night comes, the brighter lights will be on so that the animals fall asleep. Find facts about yak here.

zoo animals

zoo animals

Zoo Facts 5: climate condition

Climate condition should be fitted with the animals being kept inside the zoo. Penguins will need cold environment.

Zoo Facts 6: special enclosure

A certain animal species will need a special enclosure.  The aquatic animals will need different type of enclosure from the birds, reptiles and insects.



Zoo Facts 7: safari park

Zoo is available in a number of types. One of them is safari park, which allows the visitors to drive through the zoo and spot the wandering animals in the parks and farms.

Zoo Facts 8: the first safari park

Whipsnade Park situated in Bedfordshire, England was the first safari park.  In 1931, Zoological Society of London opened it. In 2014, the zoo covered the area of 2.4 kilometers or 600 acres. Look at facts about Yorkie here.

zoo pic

zoo pic

Zoo Facts 9: the public aquarium

In 1853, London Zoo had the first public aquarium in the world. In 1859, Paris had its first public aquarium. It was followed by other cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Brighton in 1864, 1869 and 1872.

Zoo Facts 10: Roadside zoos

It is prevalent to spot roadside zoos in North America.

Zoo facts

Zoo facts

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