10 Interesting Amur Leopard Facts

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Amur Leopard Facts inform the readers with the leopard subspecies, which has the scientific name of Panthera pardus orientalis. IUCN enlists Amur Leopard as Critically Endangered animals. The estimation found out that only 19 to 26 Amur Leopards lived in the wild area in 2007. Russia and China were the homes for fewer than 60 Amur Leopards in 2015. Let us get other interesting facts about Amur Leopard by reading the following post below:

Amur Leopard Facts 1: other terms

The Far Eastern leopard is another term to call the Amur leopard. The presence of thick coat of spot covered fur makes the animals distinguished from other subspecies.

Amur Leopard Facts 2: the coat

The Amur leopards have the creamy colored coat in pale tone during the winter season. Most of them live at the Korean Peninsula and mountains of northeastern China at Amur River basin.

Amur Leopard Image

Amur Leopard Image

Amur Leopard Facts 3: the texture of the coat

The coat of Amur leopard has the high level of density and length. Moreover, it has soft texture.  During the summer season, the hair length is around 0.79 until 0.98 inch or 20 to 25 mm during the summer season. During the winter season, it has the hair length of 2.8 inches or 70 mm.

Amur Leopard Facts 4: the color of winter coat

The coat color of Amur leopard during the winter season is ranging from golden tinge, yellowish red, light yellow to reddish yellow. Check facts about Adelie Penguins here.

Amur Leopard Pic

Amur Leopard Pic

Amur Leopard Facts 5: the female and male sizes

The female Amur leopards have smaller size compared to the male ones. The weight of the females reaches 55 to 94 lb. The weight of males is around 71 to 106 lb. The latter one has the weight from 25 to 31 inches.

Amur Leopard Facts 6: the first description

In 1857, the first description about Amur leopard was made by Hermann Schlegel based on the skin from Korea.

Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard Facts 7: the current distribution

The distribution of Amur leopard has been reduced over the years. Now, they only occupy 1,900 square miles or 5,000 km square of area.

Amur Leopard Facts 8: Primorsky Krai

Primorsky Krai is the province in Russia, which becomes the house for the 57 individuals of Amur leopard.

Amur Leopards

Amur Leopards

Amur Leopard Facts 9: the population in China

The population of Amur leopard in China is estimated around 7 to `12 individuals. Look at facts about American Bison here.

Amur Leopard Facts 10: the reduced population

The population of Amur leopard is reduced because of various reasons such as poaching, hunting, and habitat loss.

Amur Leopard Facts

Amur Leopard Facts

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