10 Interesting Pelican Facts

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Pelican Facts inform you with the wonderful bird in the world. You can find pelican living in various places. But you cannot find them in Antarctica. Most pelicans live in lakes, estuaries, river and warm regions. Unfortunately, the life of pelican is threatened due to the pollution. Here are the exact facts about pelican for you:

Pelican Facts 1: species of Pelicans

There are eight species of pelicans but the one included in an endangered species is the brown pelicans.

Pelican Facts 2: size

If you look at the picture of pelican, it is very big.  The length of this bird is around 4 to 6 inches. The weight of this bird is around 10 to 30 pounds.

Pelican Facts

Pelican Facts

Pelican Facts 3: the largest bill

The bird with the largest bill is pelican. The length of the bill can be measured up to 18 inches. This animal is very unique because you can see a throat pouch located under the bill. This throat is very functional. It can save 3 gallons of water.

Pelican Facts 4: characteristics

Let’s find out the special characteristics that you can find on Pelican. This animal has the wingspan around 10 feet. They have short legs with webbed feet. The body is big. Even though it is big, they can fly to reach the height of 10,000 feet with the help of the warm wind currents.

Pelican Mouth

Pelican Mouth

Pelican Facts 5: pouch

Can you tell the function of the pouch that a pelican has? It is used as a cooling device even though the main function is for feeding. The pouch will be swung by the pelican to make the body cool during the summer season.

Pelican Facts 6: the webbed feet

Pelican can fly, swim and dive. When they want to dive and swim underwater, they will use the webbed feet. The animals are very smart for they can observe the prey from the sky and grab it easily.

Pelican Pic

Pelican Pic

Pelican Facts 7: the main food

The main diet of pelican is fish. But if they do not find any fish, they will hunt tadpoles, crustaceans and turtles. If the food is very scarce, they will hunt seagulls.

Pelican Facts 8: eating the fish

When the pelicans catch the fish, they also take high amount of water. But the animals will eliminate the water by moving the head forward before they swallow the fish.

Pelican White

Pelican White

Pelican Facts 9: the mount of fish

Every single day, pelicans need to eat at least 4 pounds of fish.

Pelican Facts 10: social birds

Pelicans are not a solitary animal. They like living in big colonies. It can consist of a hundred of pelicans. Get information about another bird in Mockingbird facts.



To attract the female, the male pelican will change the color of the neck, bold and pouch. Are you interested reading facts about pelican?

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