10 Interesting Scallop Facts

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If you like to know more about the saltwater clams and marine bivalve mollusks, you have to check Scallop Facts. Most scallops can be found in ocean, not freshwater. Even though the appearance of scallops does not look like animals, they are actually animals. The members of scallops include clams, squid, octopi, sea slugs, snails, oysters, and mussels. Find out more facts about scallop below:

Scallop Facts 1: the bivalve animals

Scallops are called as the bivalve animals. They are included in a group of mollusks. The calcium carbonate is the component located at the two hinged shells of scallops.

Scallop Facts 2: the free swimming animals

Most scallops are the free swimming animals. The shells will be clapped quickly to swim on the water. The scallop will move forward.



Scallop Facts 3: the parts of body

Some parts of scallop’s body include two auricles at the bottom of the shell and fan shaped shells. Do you know that scallops have 60 eyes located on the mantle? The animal will be able to detect dark, light and movement. The eyes are in blue color.

Scallop Facts 4: the eating process

Scallop will eat by filtering the water.  When the water enters the body of scallop, it will filter the planktons and other small organisms. The food will be moved by the cilia to the mouth of scallop.

Scallop Food

Scallop Food

Scallop Facts 5: the habitat

Scallop can be found living in the ocean. You can spot it in the intertidal zone and Deep Ocean. They can be found all over the world.

Scallop Facts 6: the food

Scallop is one of the delicious foods in the world. When you decide to eat scallop, actually you are eating the adductor muscles. This muscle is fleshy. It can be in beige to white color. The diameter of the muscle is around 2 inches.

Scallop Facts

Scallop Facts

Scallop Facts 7: Galician cuisine

The way to cook the scallop is various depending on the region. You can bake scallops with ham, onions and bread crumbs if you like with Galician cuisine.

Scallop Facts 8: the Japanese cuisine

Scallop is also important in the Japanese cuisine. The Japanese people often serve scallop as sushi, sashimi or even soup. You can order hotategai in a sushi bar if you want to enjoy the traditional scallop on rice. Get facts about Japanese food here.



Scallop Facts 9: conpoy

Conpoy is the traditional Cantonese Chinese cuisine made of dried scallop. Scallop is also often smoked to accompany other dishes.

Scallop Facts 10: the size of scallop

This marine animal can reach the size up to 9 inches in length. The smaller scallop has the size around 4 inches such as bay scallop.

Facts about Scallop

Facts about Scallop

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