10 Interesting Snapping Turtle Facts

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Let’s find out the large freshwater turtle in Snapping Turtle Facts. The scientific name of this turtle is Chelydra serpentine.  You can find them living in various regions such as Florida, Nova Scotia, Rocky Mountains and southeastern Canada. It is included in the family Chelydridae. Here are other facts about Snapping Turtle:

Snapping Turtle Facts 1: the snapping turtle in North America

There are only two species of Snapping Turtles that you can find in North America. Both are the alligator snapping turtle and snapping turtles.

Snapping Turtle Facts 2: the common features of the snapping turtle

As I have stated before, the snapping turtle has the scientific name Chelydra serpentine. The word serpentine means snake like. It is due to the fact that snapping turtle has a mobile neck and head.  When the turtle is out of the water, it has the powerful beak. Check facts about green sea turtles here.

Facts about Snapping Turtles

Facts about Snapping Turtles

Snapping Turtle Facts 3: the extensive hunting of snapping turtle

Many people hunt snapping turtles in some countries because of the turtle meat. It is considered as the primary ingredient to create turtle soup. Get facts about loggerhead sea turtles here.

Snapping Turtle Facts 4: the maturity

On average, the male and female snapping turtles reach the maturity at the age of 15 to 20 years for the population which lives in the northern areas. The snapping turtles which live in the southern regions will mature at the age of 12 years.

Snapping Turtle Facts

Snapping Turtle Facts

Snapping Turtle Facts 5: the life span

We cannot estimate the lifespan of snapping turtles for there is no record about it. However, there is a report that the snapping turtles which live at Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada can live more than 100 years.

Snapping Turtle Facts 6: biting

If the snapping turtle feel threatened, they will bite human. The defense mechanism of these animals is snapping.

Snapping Turtle Picture

Snapping Turtle Picture

Snapping Turtle Facts 7: the aquatic ambush hunter

The aquatic ambush hunter is considered as the common snapping turtle. This type of turtle uses the beak like jaw to capture the prey.

Snapping Turtle Facts 8: the tail

If you want to take the snapping turtle, don’t pick the tail for it can damage the tail and column.

Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtle Facts 9: is it a good pet?

If you think that all turtles are a great pet, you are wrong. Actually the snapping turtle is not an ideal pet at home for it can bit the handler.

Snapping Turtle Facts 10: the claws

You have to be careful with the claws of snapping turtle for they are sharp. The claws are used by the turtle for digging, gripping and attacking.

Facts about Snapping Turtle

Facts about Snapping Turtle

What do you think on facts about snapping turtle?

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