10 Interesting Bumblebee Facts

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Bumblebee Facts talk about the flying insects.  They have distinct buzz. The body is very large in black and yellow colors. Bumblebee try to get the nectar from the pollinate plants and flowers. Actually not all Bumblebees are in black and yellow tones. You can also see the variants of Bumblebee in the bands of yellow, black and red. Find out other interesting facts about Bumblebee below:

Bumblebee Facts 1: the wings of Bumblebee

There are four wings that Bumblebee has. The wings can move around 130 to 240 beats per second.  Hamuli are a row of hooks which connect the two rear wings to the fore wings.

Bumblebee Facts 2: the importance of Bumblebee

Bumblebee is considered as an important insect for it can pollinate crops. Check facts about honey bee here.

Bumblebee Pic

Bumblebee Pic

Bumblebee Facts 3: the species of Bumblebee

Bumblebee has around 250 species. Most of them can be found living in Northern Hemisphere.

Bumblebee Facts 4: diet

Bumblebee will look for the flowering plants to get pollen as their source of protein and nectar as the source of carbohydrate.

Bumblebee Sting

Bumblebee Sting

Bumblebee Facts 5: a social insect

Bumblebees live in a colony. There is no need to wonder that it is included as social insects. The life of the colony is supported by the members of Bumblebees. They are divided into some classes. You can find the worker bees, drones and queen bee. Each of them has their particular job within the colony.

Bumblebee Facts 6: the jobs of bumblebees

The life in the hive is under the responsibility of the worker bees. The male drones have the job to fertilize the queen bee. On the other hand, the queen bee has the job to lay hundreds of eggs.

Facts about Bumblebees

Facts about Bumblebees

Bumblebee Facts 7: the pollen and nectar

Do you know the amount of pollen and nectar that bumblebees collect?  The insects usually take the amount of pollen and nectar 25 percent of their body weight. There will be a mark left behind by the bumblebees on the flowers. It will inform others that the nectar of the flowers has been taken.  The bumblebees use the scent marking.

Bumblebee Facts 8: nectar robbing

A term nectar robbing is very important to note on the life of bumblebees. There are some bumblebees that collect nectar without pollinating the flowers.



Bumblebee Facts 9: do they sting?

The male bumblebees cannot sting because they do not have any sting. However, the queen and worker bumblebees can sting.

Bumblebee Facts 10: the frequency of sting

If you check the honey bee, it will sting once. On the other hand, bumblebees can sting more than once. Find facts about bee here.



Are you fascinated reading facts about bumblebees?

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