10 Interesting Peregrine Falcon Facts

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Peregrine falcon facts below present the information about the one for the interesting animals in the world. Since 1243, there are many pairs of peregrine falcons nest in Lundy Island. This nesting area will be visited by the peregrine falcons each year. Here are more facts to find out about peregrine falcon:

Peregrine Falcon Facts 1: Hunting Time

Peregrine falcon is considered as a fast animal. It can sneak up and dive with the speed around 320 kilometers per hour just to catch their favorite prey. It is impossible for the low speed prey to get away from the animals.

Peregrine Falcon Facts 2: Tail

The tail is very important to bring balance and high speed when peregrine falcon makes a fast movement. The tail is narrow, while the wings are pointed and long. Look at Macaw facts to know the colorful bird.

Peregrine Falcon Facts

Peregrine Falcon Facts

Peregrine Falcon Facts 3: Color for Peregrine Falcon

May people can identify the peregrine falcons by looking at the face. It has been covered with black mask feather. The back and head comes in the color of dark bluish grey. To know a unique  flying animal, check owl facts.

Peregrine Falcon Facts 4: Hooked Bills

To eat the prey and attack it, the animal is equipped with sharp talons, large feet and hooked bills. The white color is seen on the throat and under parts.  The animal is also covered with brown and black feather.

Peregrine Falcon Flies

Peregrine Falcon Flies

Peregrine Falcon Facts 5: Female Peregrine

The male animal is called as tierce, while the female peregrine is called as falcon. It is large than its small counterpart.

Peregrine Falcon Facts 6: Weight of Female Peregrine

The weight of female peregrine is around 910 gram with the length around 46 to 54 cm. The female species has the raspy and coarse voice.

Peregrine Falcon Wings

Peregrine Falcon Wings

Peregrine Falcon Facts 7: Weight of Male Peregrine

The weight of male peregrine is counted at 570 gram with the length around 38 to 46 cm. When the male peregrine makes a voice, it sounds high pitched and wheezy.

Peregrine Falcon Facts 8: Habitat

If you want to see the nesting area of peregrine, you need go to the open areas. They do not like living in forest. They will go to tundra, river valleys, sea coast and marshes. They will build the nest on the cliff. However, if they find no cliff in the surrounding area, they will use the flat ground or trees.

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon Facts 9: Food Chain

Peregrine likes to eat other birds. In the food chain, it is located on the top position. They like eating medium sized and large sized animals.

Peregrine Falcon Facts 10: Finding Peregrine Falcon

You can find peregrine falcon in many parts of the world.  However, you cannot see them living in Iceland, Antarctica and New Zealand.

Peregrine Falcons

Peregrine Falcons

There are three subspecies of peregrine falcons that you can see spreading around North America. They are anatomy, peeled and tundra. Do you have any question on facts about peregrine falcon?

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