10 Interesting Duck Facts

Friday, January 3rd 2014. | Animals

Find out the cutest animal in duck facts. When we talk about duck, can you imagine a Donald Duck? This is a very popular character that Walt Disney had created. I can say that duck is cute because it has a small body. If the duck is reduced, it can have a good and clean fur so that you can play with them in the farm. Find out the true statement about duck here:

Duck Facts 1:what is duck?

Can you define the term duck? This animal is always characterized with the web feet.  It can be seen having short legs and a depressed body.  Some of the ducks can be domesticated by human being. However, you can find the wild ones.

Duck Facts 2: family

Duck is included as a bird. It is the member of Anatidae. You can find that this animal loves to stay in the saltwater or even fresh water.

Duck facts

Duck facts

Duck Facts 3: species

There are two main species of ducks that you have to know. They are the sea ducks and river ducks. Just like its name suggested, the sea ducks can be seen living in salt water area. The fresh water duck is called as a river duck.

Duck Facts 4: weight and length

In average, duck as the length around 16 to 20 inches. The weight of this duck is around 8 lbs.

Duck Pic

Duck Pic

Duck Facts 5: habitat

The ducks like to live not only in sea and fresh water but also in some grassland area. They like eating fish, ferns, leaves, small amphibians, insect, worms and grass.  This animals are omnivorous.

Duck Facts 6: lifespan

Most ducks can live around 2 until 20 years. In once a year, they will breed for a new chancing. This animal is monogamous.

Duck Toys

Duck Toys

Duck Facts 7: types of river ducks

There are several types of river ducks that you can find in different areas in the world. The ducks originated from the South American region is Muscovy duck. The duck of Chinese is called the wood duck.

Duck Facts 8: the types of sea ducks

So what about the types of the sea ducks? You can find the scoter, canvasback and eider ducks.

Duck on a pond

Duck on a pond

Duck Facts 9: family relation

Duck is included as a part of birds. It has a very close relation with other birds such as swan and geese. All of them have short neck and stout body.

Duck Facts 10: name

It is believed that the word duck was originated from the Old English language.  It means diver.

white duck

white duck

You can call the male duck as Drake. The female one is duck. The baby ducks is called Duckling. Do you have any suggestion on facts about duck?

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