10 Interesting Belize Facts

Monday, November 18th 2013. | Countries

Those who want to enjoy an exotic vacation read the Belize facts. Belize is a country that you can visit with family.  Even though it is small, the country is very exotic and eclectic. The country is bordered by Guatemala in the south and west side. In the north, it is bordered by Mexico. The east side of Belize was bordered by Caribbean Sea. Here are the complete facts about Belize.

Belize Facts 1: shark viewing

The people who like to enjoy a changeling look on the world can go to Belize. The best spot for shark viewing is located in this country. You just have to go to Belize in the month of April to July to see many sharks swimming on the sea.

Belize Facts 2: monkey

One of the interesting animals that you can see when you are visiting Belize is the howler monkey. This animal is very rare. It is considered as the one of the loudest animals in the world.

Beliza fact

Beliza fact

Belize Facts 3: place to visit

There are many unique places to visit when you come to Belize. All of them are named by using a special feature. You can go to Red Footed Booby Bird, Swallow Tail Cattle Heart Butterfly, Owl eye butterfly and False Vampire Bat.

Belize Facts 4: language

It is a bit surprising to know that English is used by the people in Belize as their official language. Thus, Belize is considered as the only Central American country which uses English.

belize facts

belize facts

Belize Facts 5: tropical paradise

If you always live in a cold area and want to get a new air, why don’t you visit Belize? You are served with the mild tropical climate in the country. In average, the temperature in the country is around 29 C. you are served with various types of landscape and topography. You can see rainforest, jungles and cool sea.

Belize Facts 6: jaguar

One of the animals preserved in Belize is Jaguar. Thus, Belize is the only country in the world which has a program to preserve Jaguar. The location of the preservation is in cockscomb Wildlife sanctuary in southern Belize.

belize pic

belize pic

Belize Facts 7: natural reef

The main attraction in Belize is located on the natural reef. You can see the turquoise sea and beach along with wonderful coral reefs. There are 200 different islands that you can visit here.

Belize Facts 8: population

The people living in Belize are dense.  Thus, this country is included as the most populous country in the world.

Belize Sea

Belize Sea

Belize Facts 9: dimension

Let’s talk about the dimension of Belize. As I have stated before, Belize is not a big country. It is small. The length of this country is only 180 miles with the width around 68 miles.

Belize Facts 10: the local people

It is estimated that 1 till 2 million Mayans lived in the country. You can find that some Mayan cities were in Belize such as Xunantunich, Caracol, and Lamanai.



It will be great to visit Belize with your family or friends. You can enjoy the natural wonder on the country. You can also win and enjoy the coral reef in Belize. Do you have any opinion on facts about Belize?

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