10 Interesting Vanuatu Facts

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Let me show you an island in the Pacific on Vanuatu Facts. The official name of the nation is Republic of Vanuatu. The island sits at the South Pacific Island. The Melanesian people were the first people who occupied Vanuatu. Fernandes de Queirós was Portuguese navigator who led the Spanish expedition to visit the islands. They were considered as the first Europeans who explored the island. In 1606, the expedition reached the largest island. Here are other interesting facts about Vanuatu:

Vanuatu Facts 1: the claims of archipelago

Some parts of the archipelago were claimed by United Kingdom and France in 1880s. The British and French Condominium was applied on the archipelago as a New Hebrides in 1906. In 1970s, there was an independent movement here. In 1980, the Republic of Vanuatu was established.

Vanuatu Facts 2: Vanuatu in the prehistoric period

It was believed that the islands were occupied by the people who spoke the Austronesia languages 3,300 years ago.

Vanuatu Pictures

Vanuatu Pictures

Vanuatu Facts 3: the pottery fragments

Vanuatu featured the pottery fragments traced back in 1300 to 1100 BC.

Vanuatu Facts 4: the cotton plantations

The settlers who came to Vanuatu wanted to create cotton plantations by finding lands on the islands. The planters focused on planting bananas, cocoas, and coffee when the price of international cotton was down. Get facts about Uzbekistan here.



Vanuatu Facts 5: the first political party

The New Hebrides National Party was founded in the beginning of 1970s as the first political party. Father Walter Lini was one of its founders. Then he served as Prime Minister of the nation.

Vanuatu Facts 6: the political instability

The political instability took place in 1990s, which led into the development of decentralized government. Due to a pay dispute, a coup was conducted by a paramilitary group called the Vanuatu Mobile Force in 1996.

Facts about Vanuatu

Facts about Vanuatu

Vanuatu Facts 7: the geography of Vanuatu

The geography of Vanuatu is characterized by the presence of 82 small islands, which has the Y shape.

Vanuatu Facts 8: the islands

Some of the islands in Vanuatu are Maewo, Espiritu Santo, Tanna, Erromango, Vanua Lava, Pentecost and many more. Port Vila and Luganville are considered as the largest towns of the nation. Look at facts about Uganda here.

Vanuatu Facts

Vanuatu Facts

Vanuatu Facts 9: the highest point

Mount Tabwemasana is the highest point in the country. It has the height of 6,165 feet or 1,879 meters.

Vanuatu Facts 10: the total area

The total area covered by Vanuatu is around 4,739 square miles or 12,274 sq km. The land area is around 1,800 square miles or 4,700 sq km.

Vanuatu Image

Vanuatu Image

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