10 Interesting Nauru Facts

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You can get the information about the island once inhabited by Polynesian and Micronesian people in Nauru Facts. Even though Nauru is only a small island, people love to come here and enjoy the magnificent beaches and scenery. People called it as Pleasant Island in the past. Here are facts about Nauru for you:

Nauru Facts 1: area and population

Nauru is inhabited by 9,378 people. It has the area of 21 km. The capital city of this country is Yaren. It got the independence on 31 January 1968. People will use English and Nauruan languages to communicate every day.

Nauru Facts 2: the first western person visiting the island

Can you guess the person who visited the island for the first time? He was John Fearn. This British captain is a whale hunter. He came to the island in 1798 and named it as Pleasant Island.

Nauru Beaches

Nauru Beaches

Nauru Facts 3: Banaba Island

Banaba Island is located in Republic Kiribati. It is the neighbor of Nauru located 300 km to the east area.  Find out facts about Kiribati here.

Nauru Facts 4: Australian dollar

Australian dollar is used as the currency in Nauru. Before it was controlled by Australia, Nauru was under the control of German.

Nauru Map

Nauru Map

Nauru Facts 5: anthem

‘Nauru Ubwema’ is the anthem of Nauru. It  has the meaning of Nauru, Our Homeland.

Nauru Facts 6: climate

People like to visit Nauru because it has the moderate winters and summers. It is a tropical country which can give you relaxing atmosphere.

Nauru People

Nauru People

Nauru Facts 7: independence

In 1968, Nauru got the independence.  In 1999, it joined the United Nation.  Nauru is famous as the smallest independent republic in the world. It only has the area of 21 km square. There is no official capital in the country. Yaren is only a de facto capital city.

Nauru Facts 8: life expectancy

The life expectancy in Nauru is 61 years old.

Nauru Photo

Nauru Photo

Nauru Facts 9: Phosphate

Do you know that one of the three great phosphate islands is located in Nauru? The other two islands are in Maktean in French Polynesia and Banaba Island in Kiribati. It was discovered by Albert Ellis in 1900.

Nauru Facts 10: God’s Will First’

God’s Will First is called as the motto of Nauru.



Christianity is the primary religion in Nauru. But you can also find other people embracing Buddhism and Baha’i. Are you impressed with facts about Nauru?

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