10 Interesting Cameroon Facts

Wednesday, November 27th 2013. | Countries

Cameroon facts I believe may become perfect information for any people who really want to gain the idea to conduct vacation. In this case, I really may recommend for any of you who want to visit Cameroon in learning first about the facts about such country.

Cameroon Facts 1: soccer world cup

People already notice that Cameroon is one of the famous soccer national team within Africa. In fact, such country is the first team which has reached the quarter final during soccer world cup. Any soccer fans should have known about this actually.

Cameroon Facts 2: official language

In learning about certain country, any people should recognize as well about the official language used in such country. You may recognize that such country may use certain language such as French and also English. In fact, such country still uses Native African language.

Cameroon  house

Cameroon house

Cameroon Facts 3: independence Day

It is also important to understand about the independence day of such country. The fact is that Cameroon has obtained independence from both England and France in first October 1960. This has become common knowledge actually.

Cameroon Facts 4: religion

Any of you need also to learn about the religions which such country has. The fact, you can find two major religions there such as Christianity and Islam. Yet, mostly still are muslims.

Cameroon City

Cameroon City

Cameroon Facts 5: living cost

Many people perhaps may recognize about certain number of people especially 30% of the population may spend lesser than $1.25 per day indeed. This indeed is very small amount of living cost. It is perhaps because people have lesser income as well there.

Cameroon Facts 6: production

If you review about the production that such country has, you may find out that such country has some quality productions such as cocoa, cotton, oilseeds, banana, and also coffee.

Cameroon facts

Cameroon facts

Cameroon Facts 7: Mount Cameroon

When you visit Cameroon, you may recognize as well that such country has the tallest mountain within West Africa. Many people have noticed about such mountain named as Mount Cameroon. This has become one of the tourism attractions within the country.

Cameroon Facts 8: annual rainfall

If it is about Cameroon, people may recognize the most that it becomes one of wettest lands on earth having annual rainfall of 1028 cm.

Cameroon Valley

Cameroon Valley

Cameroon Facts 9: the flag

You may find out the meaning of colors of Cameroon flag which red may represent independence, green for vegetation, and yellow as sunshine.

Cameroon Facts 10: the name

The name of such country is river of pawns. It is Portuguese word actually.



Although people have already recognized about such country, the facts about Cameroon may provide them with wider information related in how to learn better about such country.

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