10 Interesting Air Facts

Wednesday, November 6th 2013. | Earth

Air facts give the information about one for the main substance that make people live. Without an air in the world people cannot breathe. They will die in seconds. Until this present day, earth is considered as the only planet giving people a good life. Here are the fascinating facts about air:

Air Facts 1: mixture of gases

You have to know that air is combination of gases. It consists of 21 percent oxygen, 78 percent nitrogen, dust particle, water vapor and 1 percent other gases.

Air Facts 2: weigth

Even though we cannot see the shape of air, this substance occupies the space. Thus, air has weight even though you cannot catch it.



Air Facts 3: pressure

Air is just like water. It can bring pressure in all kinds of direction. Do you know the power of wind? You can see that hurricane Katrina can damage various properties constructed by human being.

Air Facts 4: compression

It is not impossible to compress air.

Air facts

Air facts

Air Facts 5: oxygen

The main type of air that people need to stay alive is oxygen. Without any oxygen in the world, it will be difficult for you to breathe. Today, the production of oxygen is getting limited because trees cut by people to make house and furniture. You can also see that the production of CO2 is too high. Oxygen is only one fifth of the air.

Air Facts 6: Photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide is also needed in the world. Without this item, plants cannot perform photosynthetic. During the photosynthesis, the plants can produce oxygen which is beneficial to combustion and respiration.

Air Polluted

Air Polluted

Air Facts 7: ozone layer

Sun gives people many benefits to have solar power and illuminate the world. However, the harmful ultraviolet rays can make people face skin cancer. Due to the high intensity of global warming, the ozone layer is getting limited. Thus, it cannot protect the people on earth.

Air Facts 8: nitrogen

The growth of plants is also determined by the presence of nitrogen. Thus, many fertilizers sold in the stores come with nitrogen.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air Facts 9: Burning of fuels and factory

The air in this present day is polluted due to the burning of fuels and factory. The limited trees on the forest also play an important part of air pollution.

Air Facts 10: planting trees

If you really concern with the polluted area in the world, you need to reduce the smoke and pollutant effect. You need to plant more trees which can absorb the polluted air.



People can do many things to lower the pollution of the air. They can use a smart city car which does not consume any petrol. You can also have more garden at home which give you more oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. Do you agree with facts about air?

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