10 Interesting Sedimentary Rocks Facts

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Let me show you a type of rock in Sedimentary Rocks Facts. The sediment is created from the rocks which break down by the erosion. The rocks come in smaller pieces and create sediment. The water and wind carry the sediment and make it settle as mud or sand. The top layer hardens and makes the sediment into the hard rock. Get more facts about sedimentary rocks below:

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 1: the component of sedimentary rocks

Let’s find out the component of sedimentary rock. It contains mud, sand, living things and mineral. Talking about the hardness, it has softer textures if you compare it with other rocks.

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 2: the old sedimentary rock

If you check the component of old sedimentary rock, it may contain the fossils of animals and plants. One of the examples can be seen on the mudstone cliffs on the southern coast of England. Get rock facts here.

Sedimentary Rock Inside

Sedimentary Rock Inside

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 3: clay

What is clay?  It is included as a sedimentary material. The clay is made from the weathered rock. It is mixed with high content of water. Therefore, clay has soft and muddy texture.

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 4: where can you find sedimentary rock?

It is not difficult to find the sedimentary rock. You can find it everywhere.  But the most common place filled with sedimentary rock is the cliffs. This rock can be found on the floor of lakes or beaches. Get facts about rock and minerals here.

Sedimentary Rock Color

Sedimentary Rock Color

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 5: the importance of sedimentary rock

Sedimentary rock is important for the human being for it can give them insight to find out the past time of earth.

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 6: the process

The process of forming the sedimentary rock from sediment is called compaction. ‘

Sedimentary Rock Texture

Sedimentary Rock Texture

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 7: the density

If you want to know the density of sedimentary rock, you need to check the layers. Each layer presents different density.

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 8: the types of sedimentary rock

There are three types of sedimentary rock. Those are the organic sedimentary rock, classic sedimentary rock and chemical sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 9: the examples of classic sedimentary rock

Breccias and sandstone are some examples of classic sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary Rocks Facts 10: the organic and chemical

The examples of organic sedimentary rock include coal and limestone. Table salt is included in chemical sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary Rocks Facts

Sedimentary Rocks Facts

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