10 Interesting World War 2 Facts

Monday, June 17th 2013. | History

If you like history, you should never forget to read the details on World War 2 facts. There are many gloomy events that people have to face when they lived during the world II.  The battle made the civilians and soldiers get killed in the battlefield. Here are facts about World War II in details.

World War 2 Facts 1: Russia and the Red Army

During the World War II, the Russia and the Red Army are accused for genocide. The red army was accused to rape to more than 2 million of German women with age of 13 to 70 years old.

World War 2 Facts 2: Battle at Stalingrad

Battle at Stalingrad occurred between 1942 and 1943, it was considered as the turning point of World War II in Europe. Many historians also considered the way in Battle at Stalingrad as the bloodiest battle in the world. It took up to 1, 6000,000 casualties.

World War 2 Battlefield

World War 2 Battlefield

World War 2 Facts 3: Prisoners after Liberation

The condition of many concentration camp prisoners was still bad even though the allies came to set liberation. After six weeks of liberation 2,500 survivors died in Dachau. In Bergen Belsen more than 13,000 people died after the liberation.

World War 2 Facts 4: Max Heiliger

SS used the fictitious name Max Heiliger. The name was used to make a bank account that SS got from the European Jews. They used it to save the jewels, money and gold.

World War 2 Facts

World War 2 Facts

World War 2 Facts 5: Destructive Conflict

The most destructive conflict in the history which involves many countries in the world is World War II. It not only cost a lot of money buts also killed people and damage the property.

World War 2 Facts 6: Causalities

World War II gave Russia the bad impact for they have the largest causalities in the world. They lose 21 million people.



World War 2 Facts 7: Holocaust

Holocaust is considered as the destructive genocide in the world. More than 1.5 million children killed during the holocaust era.  The Jewish children are 1.2 million, while the gypsies were 10,000. Reading about history is interesting. If you want to know ancient history, read sacagawea facts.

World War 2 Facts 8: Battle of the Atlantic

During the World War II, Battle of the Atlantic was considered as the longest batter in WW II. It occurred from 1939 to 1945.



World War 2 Facts 9: Allies

The Allies used more than 3.4 million tons of bombs. Between 1939 and 1945, they used 27,700 tons of bombs per month.

World War 2 Facts 10: United States Army

The United States armies which served during WW II consisted of 600,000 Jews. More than 8,000 died in the battle field, while 35,000 were captured, killed, wounded or missing. It reminds you with destructive civil war when Lincoln was the president. Read Abraham Lincoln facts to know more about him.

World War 2

World War 2

We do hope that there will be no WW III. Many innocent people were killed during the WW II. Some of them include children and women.  People have to live side by side peacefully to enjoy peaceful environment on the earth. Do you have more facts about World War II?

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