10 Interesting Child Soldiers Facts

Saturday, July 27th 2013. | Military

Child soldiers facts open your eyes about the life of the children. Children soldiers serve different purposes when there is a war. They usually are used for human shields, suicide bomber, cooks, fighter, sexual slaves, spies, and messengers.  They are still children with the age under 18 years old. Here are more facts to know about child soldiers facts:

Child Soldiers Facts 1: Children in a War

It is very difficult to define the exact number of the children served as army in a war. It is estimated that each region in the world have child soldiers.  More than ten thousands of children worked as a soldier in the world. The number keeps increasing for the last 13 years. Find the information at civil war facts.

Child Soldiers Facts 2: Age of Chill Children

Most children who are forced to serve the war are under 10 years old. There is no way to avoid this force because they are helpless creatures.

Child Soldier

Child Soldier

Child Soldiers Facts 3:18 Years Old Enrollment

The child soldiers should be banned from the government rules. It is estimated that 2/3 states agree to ban the 18 year sold enrollment for the soldiers.  The army is forbidden to accept the 16 and 17 years old children.

Child Soldiers Facts 4: Recruitment

The recruitment of child soldiers because of several factors. Children who come from the poor family usually are interested to join the force. They have limited access to education. What they can do is only serving the army.

Child Soldiers facts

Child Soldiers facts

Child Soldiers Facts 5: Societal Pressure

Societal pressure is the main factor why children have to end up as soldiers.  They are willingly to join the army because they can get security, food and income. This offer is promising for them.

Child Soldiers Facts 6: Countries with Child Soldiers

There are several countries in the world which use child soldiers since 2011. Some of them are Male, Libya, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and many more.

Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers Facts 7: Girls as Soldiers

Girls are very vulnerable when they have to join the army. They usually are susceptible with sexual violence.

Child Soldiers Facts 8: Children Soldiers in the States

There are 20 states which have been reported to use child soldier. They are enrolled in the non-state armed groups, government and government affiliated.



Child Soldiers Facts 9: Children in a Combat

There were between 7000 up to 10,000 children who serve as the child soldiers in 2007. Their age is under 18 years old. Get more ideas on battle of shiloh facts.

Child Soldiers Facts 10: Human Right Laws

By recruiting the children as soldier, actually the countries break the law of human rights. The people who force the children to be soldier are wrong because children are under the protection of international law.

Children Soldiers

Children Soldiers

Children should be protected. They are the next generation in each country. By protecting and giving them the right education they can make the country developed. Do you agree on facts about child soldiers?

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